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When you don’t have the option of starting with a blank slate, the challenge is identifying opportunities to elevate an existing space. With a luxury bathroom remodel, this means unlocking creative potential, identifying design solutions that allow you to personalize, and working with a collaborative team that supports your vision.

Let’s take a look at the art of a luxury bathroom remodel.

Set the Stage

Before you even start a new Pinterest board, take a moment to reflect on the purpose of the remodel. Do you need more bathroom storage space? Are the materials in your existing bathroom outdated? Does the current layout not support your lifestyle? What mood or environment are you looking to create? Uncovering your overarching goals early on is vital. Keep these objectives in mind throughout the process to ensure your decisions support them. 

Understand your project parameters so you know what is in and out of the scope. Are you doing a full or partial renovation? Are there structural elements that can’t be altered? What constraints does the layout have? This will allow you to determine which design and functional elements are your focus so you can direct your energy and resources accordingly.

Of course, budget is also an important consideration. Prioritize where to invest and where you can choose to spend less.

Plan Around the Space

Zoom out of your daily routine and assess the current space. Think about how you use it, what works well, and what doesn’t. As you mentally go through your typical day, consider what optimizations would elevate usability and improve room dynamics. Come back to your purpose and dive deeper to uncover design possibilities that support your goals.

The challenge here is to work within the parameters of the renovation while also not limiting your imagination. This can be difficult, especially if you’re not an experienced designer, which is why having a collaborative team can be beneficial.


Unleash your design potential with our Ultimate Style Guide For Luxury Bathrooms


Gain Aesthetic Inspiration

Aligning the aesthetic vision is important for creating a cohesive space. Pinterest and Instagram are the gold standard, and there is a good chance you've already found your way to these platforms while in the design and space planning stage, which is great! The bathroom design process isn’t linear, so stay committed to your high-level goals as you meander down the design path.

Envision yourself in your new luxury bathroom. Do you want a clutter-free minimalist space, opportunities to showcase artwork, a spa-like environment, or a coastal oasis? Look for images that align with your vision and share them with the team so everybody is on the same page about the look you’re trying to achieve.

Explore Design Solutions

Once you have defined your purpose, determined the constraints of the space and the project, and developed a clear aesthetic vision, it’s time to explore design solutions. Opting for open-ended design solutions is the ideal way to tailor and personalize your space to maximize storage, optimize the layout, and meet all your goals. With a modular approach, you can scale up or pare down vanity and storage elements, choose the materials that align with your design theme, and personalize the space using a cohesive color palette. 

Rely on an Architect or Interior Designer 

Working with a professional designer will help you successfully navigate the luxury bathroom remodel process and introduce you to new ideas you might not have considered. The Hastings team is here to support both you and your architect or interior designer to narrow options based on your design vision. Through our collaborative process, you can unlock your creative potential, uncover endless design possibilities, and bring your luxury bathroom dream to life.

Check out The Ultimate Style Guide for Luxury Bathrooms to learn more about how to transform your existing space into the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

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