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Designer Bathtubs

This collection of solid-surface freestanding tubs can be personalized with a deep selection of colors and finishes to complement your bathroom theme and style.

white poli bathtub

Relax into Modern Luxury

Whether you opt for classic white or a design-forward hue to elevate your room's theme, every tub in the Hastings Bath Collection exudes luxurious style and a modern aesthetic. Designed to perfectly balance form and function, your luxury tub is a work of art that also provides a relaxing oasis.

Moody Modern Luxury

With its rich, deep colors, elegant curves, and stainless steel accents, this industrial-leaning bathroom exudes modern luxury with a hint of edginess.


Start Your Design Journey

Creating your design starts with you, intrinsically you. This is our cornerstone. We delve into your vision and project goals to gather insights that uncover your wow.

Whether you're an experienced designer or a homeowner bringing your dream space to life, our design specialists help you cut through the noise with end-to-end guidance and know-how.


We start with a discovery process, immersing ourselves in your design vision to understand your lifestyle needs, must-haves, and any challenges or obstacles we need to plan around. Tell us who you are.


Together, we brainstorm the possibilities for your modern freestanding tub design. Bold colors, optional accessories, contemporary shapes ... let's unlock your design potential!


Based on our brainstorm, we create bathtub concepts so you can imagine how the design fits in the space. This is where we get down to it, further honing the design with your feedback.


Our team handles all the nuts and bolts, from ideation to ordering, to create a design experience that is straightforward and enjoyable. Relax—we've got your back!


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Find Inspiration, Meet Goals, Reimagine Design

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Our Superpower Is Meeting Impossible Expectations

modern white solid-surface tub