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Bathtub Materials and Finishes That Enhance an Upscale Bathroom


No architectural magazine bathroom spread is complete without the quintessential soaking tub. Whether it looks out over a stunning view or is surrounded by built-in nooks for books and beverages, a luxury bathtub is the ultimate element for relaxation and elegance.

In addition to the shape and style, bathtub materials play a major role in the look and feel of this bathroom centerpiece. Let’s take a look at the details you need to know to choose the ideal bathtub for your bathroom project.

Why Bathtub Materials Matter

If you’re aiming for a modern luxury vibe, every feature matters, including the material used for one of the largest furnishings in the space: the bathtub.

Get the luxury look.

Whether it’s modern, transitional, industrial, or something else, you want your luxury bathtub to blend seamlessly with the aesthetic. Look for bathtub materials that stand out for their richness and quality, and think beyond standard white porcelain.

Focus on the feel.

Taking a bath is a sensory experience, and you want to feel enveloped in luxury during every moment. Choosing a bathtub material designed for comfort is critical for ensuring that form meets function. Look for a shape designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. Materials that retain temperature are also important for ensuring you stay comfortable during the duration of your soak.

Don’t disregard durability and maintenance.

Aesthetics are important, but practicality should also be a factor in your decision. Look for materials that resist chipping, pitting, or staining, and materials that are easy to clean.

For example, with solid-surface materials, you can buff out scratches and color marks with a scouring pad. The solid color goes all the way through the material, so you can lightly sand out a scratch and never lose color.

Whether you choose a matte or polished finish, solid-surface tubs are easy to clean with regular non-abrasive household cleaners. Matte finish tubs are easily cleaned with a Durafoam sponge, and polished tubs are best cleaned with a mild cleanser and lint-free cloth.

The Ideal Luxury Bathtub Material

Our exclusive composite solid-surface compound is made of a high concentration of polyester resin as a bonding agent, plus polymerized granules to develop a beautiful color and luxurious finish. This proprietary blend has a distinctive finish, stunning color, and long-term durability. Easy to clean and resistant to stains, stone composite bathtubs are designed to look stunning for a lifetime.

Handmade in the USA, Hastings tubs are carefully crafted and detailed with hand sanding and precision engineering. Check out the video to see the craftspeople in action.

Luxury Bathtub Finish Options

Choosing your luxury bathtub finish depends both on the style you are looking to achieve and how you want it to feel. Polished finishes have a sleeker texture and a touch of shine, while a matte finish evokes the feel of natural stone.

Hastings tubs are currently available in:

  • Polished white
  • Matte white
  • Polished gray
  • Matte gray
  • Polished black
  • Matte black

For a classic look, opt for a polished or matte white tub that will work with any decor. Modern spaces with neutral color palettes could benefit from the more bold gray or black finishes. If you’re going for a rustic luxe aesthetic, matte white complements wood, stone, and other natural materials in the space. Polished gray delivers a sharp, clean look that stands out for its statement color. For the ultimate in industrial or for an anchoring centerpiece, go for a matte gray tub.

Hastings Contemporary Tubs

Hastings offers a selection of high-end tubs that stand out in any luxury bathroom. Both comfortable and elegant, this statement piece serves as a work of art when you’re not relaxing in it.

No matter your design vision, Hastings design specialists are here to help you make the right selections for your luxury bathtub. Schedule a consultation to discuss which luxury tub fits your luxury bathroom design.

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