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Modern Bathroom Vanities: How to Maximize Storage Space with a Minimalistic Bathroom Design

luxury bathroom vanity with urban kros storage

Modern bathroom vanities have come a long way, especially when it comes to optimizing storage space. You are no longer limited to cavernous cabinets below the sink and a few drawers that aren’t always convenient to access.

Along with functional improvements, style options have also evolved to seamlessly enhance both form and function. The flexibility to select from a range of diverse solutions, materials, and finishes puts the power in your hands to create a personalized look and luxurious, modern aesthetic.

Minimalism and Storage Unite

Modern bathroom vanity with different storage options

One of the benefits of minimalist bathroom design is creating more open space. However, there are certain storage needs in any bathroom, no matter what the design aesthetic is. You need space to store toiletries, linens, cleaning supplies, and more.

One of the challenges of a minimalist design aesthetic is discreetly storing items so that they are easily accessible and artfully tucked away, maintaining the open feeling without sacrificing the essentials. This hurdle can be overcome with clever design and thinking beyond the box with modern bathroom vanities and modular storage solutions. Balancing storage on surfaces and shelves with concealed storage is one of the keys to maintaining a minimalist design in a lifestyle-driven space.

Minimalist Storage Ideas for Your Modern Bathroom

Fortunately, there are several creative solutions for ensuring you have ample storage in a minimalist space.

Wall-Mounted Vanities

Wall-mounted wooden vanity

Nothing quashes the open feel of a room like heavy furnishings that sit on the floor. This anchoring effect may be desirable for some aesthetic preferences, but if you’re going for minimalism, less is more—think thin and streamlined. Wall-mounted minimalist bathroom vanities appear to float above the floor, opening up the space and making smaller rooms feel larger.

Offset Storage

Multi-level vanity and open shelf storage

Combine cabinet and shelf storage with an offset vanity with multiple levels. The primary level with the sink can hold essentials like soap and hand lotion. Secondary levels provide extra surface storage and the opportunity for more compartmentalized drawer, cabinet space, or serve as a make-up area.



Hardware … or Not

Sleek and minimalist bathroom vanity

Every detail matters in a minimalist space. Modern bathroom vanities can be designed without hardware or with hidden integrated handles to create sleek, streamlined surfaces on cabinets and drawers.

Open Shelves

Open shelf storage

For a combination of stylish storage and easy access, open side shelves provide semi-concealed space that is both eye-catching and minimal. To make a bolder statement, Look storage is a freestanding shelving unit that is low on visual impact but big on space-saving storage.

Wall-mounted cubes add dimension to a minimalist space and attractive storage. The size, depth, orientation, material, and color can be designed to match your preferences. You can also orient the cubes in different directions for a visually dynamic effect when viewed from the various angles.

Framed Mirrors

Minimalist framed bathroom mirror

Supplement vanity storage with a framed mirror that provides additional shelf space. This allows you to declutter countertops with hidden or open storage that is easily accessible. Materials and finishes can match or complement the vanity, countertop, and other storage solutions to tie it all together.

Compartment Dividers

Internal drawer organizers

For the ultimate in organization, use dividers to keep items separated, easy to find, and visually appealing. You can also use internal drawers to stow away items that are less frequently used and keep all of your essentials front and center.

Pedestal Sinks with Wall-Mounted Storage

Pedestal sink with wall-mounted storage

When a small space requires a pedestal sink, storage space can suffer. Wall-mounted storage provides a solution that doesn’t encroach on the footprint of the space and keeps it light with a floating effect. Keep the depths of wall storage solutions shallow to maintain flow and avoid a heavy, bulky feel. Play with shapes and symmetry with Kros wall-mounted shelves. Blend and intermix colors to personalize the design to match the aesthetic.

Hastings Modern Bathroom Vanity Storage Solutions

If you’re designing a minimalist bathroom, the designers at Hastings are here to help you choose the products that deliver the desired aesthetic without compromising on function. Our solutions allow you to personalize your space and get the storage and organization you need to fit your lifestyle.

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