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How to Achieve a Luxury Feel in the Bathroom Using Layers

Elevate your luxury bathroom design from flat to fabulous with a layering technique that adds depth and character.

Blue and grey bathroom vanity with open shelf

Design that adapts to you

Our modular approach puts you in control to craft customized luxury bathroom furniture, seamlessly adapting to deliver on your vision. 

This optimized design framework reshapes what's possible through modular flexibility. The result is dynamic personalization that moves inspiration to realization.

Green and gray luxury bathroom

Beautiful and lifestyle-driven

Create visual impact while simultaneously crafting designs that suit your lifestyle, enrich your space, and elevate your room's functionality. 

Develop a tactile, sensory experience with rich textures, robust color palettes, and tonal effects to create a cohesive luxury space that enhances your day-to-day.

Urban Standard Height vanity with HPL countertop

Crafted for a lifetime

Materials distinguish a design. We source leading-edge materials designed to endure the rigors of daily use so your luxury bathroom furniture will stand the test of time.

Exquisite Italian styling and unparalleled craftsmanship deliver not just timeless aesthetic but also longevity that will serve generations to come.

Class vanity and coordinating bathroom storage cabinet

Design expertise & guidance

Whether you're an experienced architect or designing your own bathroom, our team is here to bring clarity to your journey, end-to-end.

It starts with discovery, when we learn what inspires you and align with your vision. From there, we create concepts and refine the design together to ensure your aesthetic vision comes to life.

Endless design possibilities

Transform your ideas and individuality into reality with flexible, open-ended design concepts that conform to you—not the other way around.

Explore the potential and lean on our design team. We bring clarity to your journey and deliver savvy insights to discover your wow.

Immerse yourself in a luxury sensory experience.

How We Uncover Your WOW

Our design process intrinsically starts with you. What's your vision? How do you want the space to feel? What lifestyle elements do we need to consider? How do you use the space? What atmosphere are you looking to create?

Whether you're just starting your journey with a spark of inspiration or have a clear final vision, we bring stylistic know-how and unrivaled flexibility to the design table.



We start by getting to know you and immersing ourselves in your vision to develop a design direction that fits your parameters.


Together, we explore your design goals, inspiration, and functional necessities to brainstorm and map out the creative possibilities.


Equipped with your discovery takeaways, our experienced team gets to work to deliver a fully formed design that we further dial in with your ongoing feedback.


Our design specialists streamline the entire process, so no matter your experience level, the outcome is a perfectly personalized design.

Craving a creative spark?

Ignite your creativity with compelling concepts, design inspiration, and tailored solutions to propel and enhance your design vision.

Project Spotlight

Design Insights and Inspiration

Bathroom vanity and mirror on wall

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Bathroom vanity and mirror on wall

Dive deeper into every element of luxury bathroom design, and learn how our modular approach provides total design flexibility.

Tricot vanity with white vessel and round mirror

Show Us Your Design!

Tricot vanity with white vessel and round mirror

Share your project photos so we can see how you personalized your space.

Vanity Design Flexibility Guide: A Modular Approach

Get the Vanity Design Flexibility Guide

Vanity Design Flexibility Guide: A Modular Approach

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White marble-look countertop on luxury bathroom vanity

Find Hastings Products Near You

White marble-look countertop on luxury bathroom vanity

Our roots are in New York, but you can find Hastings products all over the country. Search for a Hastings Bath Collection dealer near you.

Person washing hands under VOLA faucet

VOLA Stories: Form and Function

Person washing hands under VOLA faucet

Uncompromising design and expert craftsmanshipwatch the video to discover what else makes VOLA so special.

Connect with a design specialist

Are you ready to bring your design vision to life? Let us turn your aesthetic inspiration into reality and streamline your journey.

Experience Design Flexibility in Action

Feel the rich texture of a Fenix countertop, discover the depths of the iconic Arne Jacobsen-designed VOLA line, experience Italian-made bathroom furniture, and explore the power of personalization through our modular design approach.