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Versatile Vanity Design Solutions

Move your ideas and inspiration forward with vanity design solutions that remove limitations and intrinsically adapt to you.

As the centerpiece of a luxury bathroom, the vanity must have head-turning visual appeal and meet daily functional needs. Our dynamic design approach allows you to configure to your vision and craft custom Italian bathroom vanities that match your look, your lifestyle, and your space.

Dynamic concepts. endless possibilities.

Vanity design starts with you—your aesthetic vision and the daily routines and lifestyle goals you're designing around. With our versatile approach and dynamic design framework, you get the ultimate in Italian luxury: an exclusive, customized vanity that amplifies your individuality.

Who wants to feel restricted in style choices with just a few size and color options? No one. With design flexibility, the paradigm shifts from settling for a luxury vanity design that's "good enough" to crafting a lifestyle-driven solution centered around you.

Reshaping Design Possibilities

Stratos Vanity with lower storage

Multiple Levels

Modularly arrange elements with endless configurability to create a multi-tiered design in staggered or stacked formats.
luxury bathroom vanity with wall storage

Symmetry Possibilities

Play with layout and orientation to deliver an eye-catching look, whether it's soothing symmetry or asymmetric appeal.
Urban Standard Height vanity with open shelf

Shelves and Drawers

Intermix your styles, from integrated open shelving to variable drawer formats. Personalize your storage to enhance form and function.
Open and closed wall storage in modern bathroom

Lower Storage

Add a lower shelf or a slim row of cabinets below the countertop for stylish lower storage that keeps the space feeling open and airy.

black marble-look Class vanity and storage cabinet

Spark Inspiration, Propel Possibilities, and Capture Your Wow

What Design Flexibility Means for You

Personalize Your Design

Create with Total Design Freedom

Exceed Expectations

Overcome Design Challenges

Maximize Storage Capabilities

Lamè luxury bathroom vanity with two legs and textured vessel

Personalize Your Design

Reimagine Design Possibilities

With Hastings' dynamic design process and versatile modular concepts, your imagination can lead the way. Play with orientation, symmetry, angles, open shelving, and even intermix different cabinet stylesbut that's just the tip of the iceberg.

From richly opaque Fenix and solid-surface countertops to durable leading edge materials that mimic the look of wood grain, striated stone and marble, or textured concrete, you can capture any theme, style, or feel.

Propel Your Creativity

Cabinets, drawers, open shelving, and other design elements are available in graduating size increments that can be intermixed to craft a tailored concept that suits your space, from 24" to 130" and beyond. The result is a vanity that is intrinsically you.

Mix and match modular elements to stack, layer, stagger, and more. You no longer have to feel limited by a single box—with Hastings, you can design a luxury vanity like no other.

Two matching Lamé bathroom vanities in green

Create with Total Design Freedom

Curated Collections

We've done all the work of building relationships with artisans all over the world so you don't have to. Start with one of our collections, and pare up or down based on your vision and the opportunities presented by the room layout.

Leverage the interchangeable modular building blocks to create custom vanities that fit your parameters for aesthetics, usability, and lifestyle needs.

Create Cohesion and Connection

Modular design goes beyond considering just one element. Our open-ended framework and carefully selected collections allow you to create a harmonious and cohesive theme not just with the vanity, but throughout the entire space.

Coordinate materials, textures, color schemes, handle styles, groove detailing, and accents with the vanity, storage solutions, mirrors, and more.

bathroom vanity drawer with interior organizer

Exceed Expectations

Explore Creative Solutions

One advantage of our modular approach is the opportunity to explore ideas that you might not have considered.

Get inspired by our robust offering of modern materials, innovative configurations, and rich color palettes. Of course, the final design decisions are entirely up to you.

Create WOW Moments

The true mark of luxury is owning something that nobody else has. With Hastings, you can create a customized centerpiece that allows your personality to shine through.

Whether you're a designer aiming to impress or a homeowner who wants to gaze in the mirror every day and say, "Look what I did," we're here to simplify the journey.  

Stratos vanity and storage cabinet in modern bathroom

Overcome Design Challenges

Unleash Your Creativity

If this is your first foray into luxury bathroom vanities, you might not know where to start. If you're an experienced designer, we know what it's like to get stuck in a creative rut. With our modular approach, Hastings' collections provide the inspiration and we paint the picture together.

Explore the gallery or visit our showroom for design inspiration, and remember, our team is always here to provide guidance and insights.

Design for Difficult Spaces

Whether you're working with a tiny bathroom in a historic building or have the benefit of a blank slate, rigid vanity designs can crimp your style.

Our dynamic design framework allows you to tailor the vanity so it looks like it was made for the space—because it was.

Inner drawer organizer in bathroom vanity

Maximize Storage Capabilities

Align with Your Needs

Storage is an essential functional component of any luxury vanity. Personalization allows you to align your design with individual storage needs and preferences by intermixing cabinet, drawer, and storage styles. 

Create Cohesive Storage Solutions

Our modular approach isn't limited to just Italian bathroom vanities. You can also customize wall storage to seamlessly tie every element of the space together and create cohesion among styles, shapes, colors, materials, and more.

Which Style Is Right for You?

There's so much to consider when aligning the visual aesthetic, coordinating colors, maximizing storage, and enhancing functionality. Don't worrywe've got your back. Leverage our design expertise with content chock full of design-focused insights, guidance, tips, and inspiration to streamline your search.

Vanity Design Flexibility Guide: A Modular Approach


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Vanity Design Flexibility Guide: A Modular Approach

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luxury bathroom vanity


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luxury bathroom vanity

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Bright modern bathroom vanity and bathtub


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Bright modern bathroom vanity and bathtub

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dark luxury bathroom vanity and storage cabinet


The Updated Class Collection

dark luxury bathroom vanity and storage cabinet

Check out our new additions to the Class vanity collection with more colors, materials, and finishes.

Customize to Harmonize

Personalize custom bathroom vanities and other design elements to meld seamlessly and create a cohesive look in your luxury bathroom. With our modular approach and endless design possibilities, the sky's the limit.


Start Your Design Journey

Creating a personalized vanity starts with you. What is your design vision? What lifestyle elements do we need to plan for? How do we optimize the design to enhance usability and maximize your footprint?

Whether you're an experienced designer or a homeowner bringing your dream bathroom to life, our design specialists provide guidance and bring clarity while navigating the infinite possibilities ever present in our flexible design solutions.


We start with a discovery process where we immerse ourselves in your design vision to understand your lifestyle needs, must-haves, and any challenges or obstacles we need to plan around. Tell us who you are.


Together, we brainstorm all of the possibilities for a personalized vanity. Bold colors, wood-look surfaces, a waterfall effect, open side shelves ... the sky's the limit!


Based on our brainstorm, we create renderings of vanity concepts so you can imagine how it fits in the space. This is where we cut through the noise and further hone the design with your feedback.


Our team handles all the nuts and bolts, from ideation to shop drawings, to create a design experience that is straightforward and enjoyable. Relaxwe've got your back!



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Find Inspiration, Meet Goals, Reimagine Design

Connect with a Design Specialist
Modern bathroom vanity and wall storage