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How to Achieve a Luxury Feel in the Bathroom Using Layers


Successful luxury bathroom design requires finding a delicate balance between the spacing, furniture, materials, and textures. Being intentional about how all of these elements interact is one of the hallmarks of good design. Bathroom designers use the concept of layering to achieve a cohesive look that has character and depth, often by incorporating three or four different materials and textures in order to achieve the ultimate luxury feel.

What is Layering?

Bathroom designs that don’t incorporate layering often feel uninspired and flat. However, even a minimalist space that is predominantly white can feel warm and inviting with dynamic layering. 

Layering is achieved by incorporating a limited number of finishes or textures that complement each other in a way that creates depth by adding dimension. By using a blend of complementary colors, tones, hues and textures, an otherwise flat space transforms to an impactful and appealing one. The results are design moments that draw the eye and bring the entire space together.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas that Use Layering

The concept of layering can be applied to many different elements in a space, including the layout, furnishings, materials, and lighting.

Layout and Spacing

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Depending on the size of the bathroom, you may have the opportunity to add depth to the layout. For example, partial walls between zones break up the footprint without impeding circulation or lines of sight. Even adding partial frosting or a unique pattern to a glass shower door can transform the feel of the room.

When space allows, bringing the tub away from the wall is another way to add depth. Adding layers to a wet room—where there are typically no floor transitions to break up the space—makes the room feel more dynamic.

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A modern vanity is an excellent opportunity to play with layering and symmetry. Whether you incorporate a multi-level countertop, sleek linear hardware, or a striking vessel sink, the vanity is a versatile design pillar to meld your layering theme together. Think beyond the conventional box-on-a-wall approach and reshape the possibilities with the flexibility of a modular approach.

Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 3.15.19 PM

Using a combination of closed and open bathroom storage provides vertical depth on what might otherwise feel like a somewhat lacking flat wall. Playing with depth, orientation, and arrangement adds life and intrigue to a space while simultaneously adding functionality to fit your lifestyle. Wall-mounted storage offers limitless opportunities for layering with cubes, open and closed shelves, angles, and more. A modern tub is another way to layer in multiple dimensions, especially if you choose a unique shape or a vibrant color.

Textures, Colors, and Materials

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Every material in a bathroom opens up the possiblity for layering, but that doesn’t mean that you should take advantage of all of them. Choose a handful of bathroom materials that align with your palette and bring texture, then incorporate them throughout the space. Use your design theme as your compass. This might be a geometric tile backsplash, a vanity with metallic cabinet doors, spectacular wallpaper on an accent or feature wall, or wall-mounted storage that plays with color.


Incorporating different types of lighting in a luxury bathroom is not only a smart practical approach, but also a sophisticated design choice. Choosing a modern lighted mirror adds contrast to the wall behind and also has the benefit of uniform illumination for personal grooming. A backlit mirror that casts a radiant glow is simple yet adds a dynamic effect. Having a brighter light for a makeup mirror gives you extra illumination when you need it. When you don’t need the extra glow, just dim it down to create a more relaxing atmosphere. Wall sconces and overhead lighting are also opportunities to add layers and texture. 


Rely on Curated Collections from Hastings

The Hastings team lives and breathes luxury bathroom design. We spend our days exploring new products and cultivating relationships with designers all over the world to provide you with carefully curated collections. With the flexibility of our modular design approach, you can choose the shapes, sizes, colors, tones and textures that appeal to your vision to propel your ultimate dream luxury bathroom ideas. 

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