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Design Inspiration: Pairing Vanity Designs with Luxury Storage

Urban Freestanding bathroom vanity with coordinating wall storage

When you’re designing a new luxury bathroom, you have the opportunity to craft exactly what you want, both in terms of the aesthetics and functionality. Need a tailored makeup area integrated into your bathroom design? No problem. Struggling to find space for all of your toiletries in your existing bathroom? Design your bathroom storage solutions with that in mind.

When you pair customizable bathroom vanities with modular luxury storage, the result is a cohesive design theme that supports your lifestyle.

Customizable Bathroom Vanities

Urban duplex 11 (1)

The Urban collection features a versatile range of highly configurable vanity styles that take personalization to a new level. The result: Tailored designs that enhance usability and elevate a space. Consider these design details when personalizing your own luxury vanity:

Wall-Mounted or Floor-Mounted

Ideal if your aesthetic vision leans more modern or if the space you're designing is on the smaller side, Urban Standard Height, Duplex, and Low Height are mounted on the wall to create a floating effect that keeps the space feeling open and light. The modular design elements allow you to stack, stagger, or create a multi-level effect that brings depth to your space. No matter what configuration you craft for your lifestyle, these Italian-designed vanities deliver a timeless and minimalist look.

If you prefer the aesthetic of a floor-mounted vanity, Urban Freestanding is the best choice to maximize storage and leverage the same degree of design flexibility. Urban Legstand is a console vanity that offers open or concealed lower shelf storage to optimize functionality and keep the space feeling open.

Integrated Storage Styles

No matter which Urban vanity style speaks to you, all of them can be personalized with our modular approach. Design elements such as cabinets, drawers, open shelves, and open side shelves are like building blocks that you can mix and match to tailor your vanity design.


Our modular approach also extends to the countertops. You have the latitude to create custom-cut lengths, select from a robust palette of materials, textures, and finishes, and explore versatile basin styles. Choose your application a seamless integrated basin, a vessel sink that perches on the countertop, or a vessel with a cover drain that matches the countertop to create an innovative seamless effect.

Urban Countertop
Urban standard height

Luxury Bathroom Storage

When personalizing your vanity, keep the big picture in mind and pair it with luxury storage that complements the design and juxtaposes with your overall room theme. Some elements to consider include:

Wall Storage

The Urban collection offers a vast array of wall-mounted storage solutions to support your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, including:

Urban Kros
Shelves and cubes
Wall-mounted cabinets
  • Urban Kros: A shelf with a dynamically angled back panel and the possibility to create a two-tone effect with a contrasting back panel.
  • Shelves and cubes: Open and semi-concealed storage in a broad range of dimensions.
  • Wall-mounted cabinets: Concealed storage available with a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Explore the design flexibility inherent in the Urban storage collection to personalize your own design by intermixing styles and arranging them to suit the layout, your aesthetic, and your functional needs.

Floor-Mounted Storage

When wall-mounting isn’t an option, floor-mounted storage with a small footprint is an excellent alternative. The Urban Look free-standing ladder features a sleek metal frame, an optional towel bar cut-out, and shelf bases that can be accented in lacquer, 3D, soft-touch, brushed metal, or HPL finishes. Similarly, the Urban free-standing towel rail also features a metal frame and shelf base in the same versatile finishes.

Framed Mirrors

Framed storage mirrors provide extra storage space with one or more integrated shelves and can be personalized to match the vanity and storage finishes.

Personalize the Finishes

Create a seamless design in your bathroom with finishes that can be incorporated across all design elements. Go tone-on-tone or mix it up with complementary colors and patterns. With the robust depth and diversity of the materials, colors, and finishes available in the Urban collection, you can design around any theme—including minimalist, industrial, rustic, coastal, and more. Going for a spa-like vibe? Opt for nature-inspired finishes that look like marble, stone, or wood.

No matter which finishes align with your outlook, you can be confident that they are engineered to endure and resistant to stains, fading, bacteria, and mold.


Get Design Support from Hastings

We know that designing a luxury bathroom can feel overwhelming. Our team is here to help you cut through the noise with curated design paths based on your aesthetic vision and functional requirements. Schedule a consultation today to get started.

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