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VOLA towel warmer next to shower

VOLA: The Original

VOLA's design is the most imitated in the world, a testament to Arne Jacobsen's design prowess, but there is simply no substitute for the original. Each VOLA towel warmer is made to order in Denmark by skilled craftspeople.

When you want to incorporate Danish craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless design into your luxury bathroom design, the only option is VOLA.

VOLA HV1E gold towel warmer with 4 bars

Personalized Modular Design

Each modular heated towel rail is custom-crafted to your specifications. You decide the number of bars (from 3 to 20), the spacing (4" to 12"), and which of the 27 finishes best aligns with your aesthetic.

No matter what you choose, the eye-catching minimalist design appears to float, defying gravity and amplifying your luxury bathroom design.

Luxurious Industrial Minimalism

With concrete walls and brushed stainless steel fixtures, this modern bathroom invokes an industrial minimalist vibe that allows the stunning views to take center stage.


Features for Form and Function

Personalized Design

Smart Features

Temperature Control

Automatic Shutoff

Technical Details

Six VOLA towel heaters mounted on a concrete wall in a bathroom with a beautiful view

Personalized Design

Flexible Configurations

Choose the number of heated towel bars (from 3 to 20) that meet your functional needs, room footprint, and bathroom design.

Adaptable Spacing

You have the freedom to space the bars from 4" - 12" apart depending on the look you're trying to achieve. The ideal range is 4" - 6", with fastest heating at 4".

Chrome towel warmer with black ceramic background

Smart Features

System Syncing

Warm your towel before you even wake up by syncing with your smart home system, and set a timer to turn it on at your desired temperature.

Lifestyle Optimization

Imagine having a warm towel every time you step out of the bath or shower. With this luxury towel warmer, you get both cozy convenience and timeless design.

View into a bathroom window with VOLA towel warmers mounted on the wall

Temperature Control

Step-less Regulation

You have the power to control the temperature, from 68-120 degrees, with the step-less regulator. Just turn the handle to the desired setting and luxuriate in your perfectly warmed towel.

Easy Operation

Getting to your cozy place is easy. Turn the towel warmer on with an on/off push knob, and adjust the temperature as desired.

Towel warmer in black

Automatic Shutoff

Luxurious Convenience

The towel warmer automatically turns off after two hours at full power, so you don't have to add an extra step to your daily routine.

Peace of Mind

Go about your day worry-free or rest easy in bed with the knowledge that your towel warmer has shut itself off after you no longer need it.

Chrome towel warmers with towel

Technical Details

Electrical Specifications

This UL-approved towel warmer must be installed by a licensed electrician. It comes with 118" of rodent-proof cable and consumes 10W per bar.

Specification Requirements

Specify the bar spacing (4" - 12") and wall thickness. Wider spacing may affect heating time; for quickest heating time, space 4" apart. If installed on an outside wall, insulate between the exterior wall and the rough-in.

Copper towel warmers on a gray wall in a bathroom with a forest view

Personalize with Diverse Finishes

Like all VOLA products, you can customize your towel warmer with one of 27 contemporary finishes, including powder-coated colors, polished metallic, brushed metallic, and matte black or white.

Finishes & Colors

Start Your Design Journey

Creating a personalized bathroom design starts with you. This is our cornerstone. We delve into your vision and project goals to gather insights that uncover your wow.

Whether you're an experienced designer or a homeowner bringing your dream space to life, our design specialists provide structure and guidance for navigating the endless possibilities made possible by our unmatched design flexibility.


We start with a discovery process, immersing ourselves in your design vision to understand your lifestyle needs, must-haves, and any challenges or obstacles we need to plan around. Tell us who you are.


Together, we configure your personalized towel warmer. The number of bars, how much space is between them, and the finish color ... the choices are yours!


Based on our brainstorm, we plan out bathroom design concepts so you can imagine how the design fits in the space. This is where we get down to it, further honing the design with your feedback.


Our team handles all the nuts and bolts, from ideation to placing the order, to create a design experience that is straightforward and enjoyable. Relax—we've got your back!

We Specialize in Rediscovering Design Potential

Exceed your aspirations with dynamic and robust design solutions. It’s not about just creating a space; it’s about creating a space that WOWs. 

Immerse Yourself in Luxury Design

Come to our Manhattan showroom, and be transported to a world of exclusive modern bathroom design.