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Immerse Yourself in Luxury Bathroom Design

Get Inspired with the Lookbook

See how other designers have leveraged the design flexibility of Hastings' versatile bath collections.

Start Your Design Journey

Crafting a personalized design starts with you. What is your design vision? What can we help you create? Understanding the "why" is essential to propel the "what." This creates a platform for tailoring mindful solutions that elevate your space.

Whether you're an experienced designer or a homeowner bringing your dream space to life, our design specialists provide structure and guidance for navigating the endless possibilities of Hastings' unmatched design flexibility.


We start with a discovery process, immersing ourselves in your design vision to understand your lifestyle needs, must-haves, and any challenges or obstacles we need to plan around. Tell us who you are.


Together, we brainstorm all of the possibilities for a personalized bathroom design. Bold colors, wood-look surfaces, a waterfall effect, open side shelves ... the sky's the limit!


Based on our brainstorm, we render out bathroom design concepts so you can imagine how the space will be transformed. This is where we cut through the noise and refine the design to capture your aspirations.


Our team handles all the nuts and bolts, from ideation to shop drawings, to create a design experience that is straightforward and enjoyable. Relax—we've got your back!

Find Inspiration, Meet Goals, and Reshape Design

Rely on our expertise to help capture your vision and propel your ideas into a design that fits your style, your look, and your space.

Experience Luxury Bathroom Design

Whether you're browsing to get inspired or want to see how our flexible collections align with your design vision, the best way to unlock your creativity is to visit our Manhattan showroom.