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13 Luxury Bathroom Features That Delight

Urban rough-cut oak bathroom countertop with dark grey vessel

Whether you’re fantasizing about designing a luxury bathroom or seeking inspiration for a current project, the sky’s the limit. Luxury means different things to different people, but at the most rudimentary level, it means going way beyond the basic essentials to enhance your lifestyle.

Here are some luxury bathroom features and products to daydream about.

13 Luxury Bathroom Features to Consider

1. Double Shower

An indulgent double shower provides tons of space for solo or couples showers. Adjustable showerheads that spray from every angle can create either two distinct shower zones or an immersive experience. Depending on the aesthetic, a double shower could be curbless for a design-forward, seamless, modern look.

2. Freestanding Soaking Tub

A popular option in luxury design is combined shower and tub rooms that have a freestanding tub and shower in an all-in-one wet room. Position the tub near a window for epic views or build an adjacent platform to hold books, candles, and tub accessories. Look for a freestanding tub made from sleek materials for contemporary aesthetic and design, and also for ergonomics and comfort.

3. Glass Paneling and Partitions

Luxury bathroom with blue Vetro glass details and paneling

Incorporate glass paneling to provide separation of spaces, privacy, or a captivating feature wall that makes a statement. Large format slabs create a seamless look that can be tailored to coordinate with a matching glass countertop.

4. Luxury Mirror

Mirrors are a focal point in any bathroom, but for a luxury experience, you want more than just basic reflection. Luxury mirror features to look for include:

  • Integrated lighting
  • Dimmers
  • Defoggers
  • Nightlights
  • Built-in storage

5. Home Spa

Luxury means being pampered without leaving the comfort of home. Create the ultimate relaxation experience with home spa elements such as:

  • Hot tub
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Massage room
  • Changing area

Consider a waterfall shower in the sauna or steam room to quickly cool off in style.

6. Towel Warmers

Silver wall-mounted towel warmer

Stepping out of the shower or tub to cozy, warm towels is a true joy, especially on cold winter days. The VOLA towel warmer appears to float, defying gravity and complementing a minimalist modern aesthetic.

Choose your own finish and number of bars to match other fixtures and accessories. Enjoy features like temperature regulation for individual preferences and a timer so you don’t have to worry about turning it off. Connect to smart home controls or separate programmable timers to warm your towel before you wake.

7. Smart Toilet

Toilets are a bathroom essential, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Amp up the experience with luxury features such as:

  • Bidet
  • Air dryer
  • Heated seat
  • Lights
  • Touchless flushing
  • Automatic deodorizer
  • Motion-activated lid and seat

8. Heated Floors

Step into comfort and stay toasty warm with heated floors that provide a consistent temperature throughout the room. Radiant heat is also non-drying, so it’s great in a space where skin and hair care take center stage.

9. Integrated Sound System

Install a high-end, voice-activated sound system so you can sing in the shower without touching a button. Waterproof and moisture-resistant systems can stand the heat and humidity while allowing you to get the morning news, stay energized after a workout, or wind down during an evening bath.

10. Fireplace

Get super cozy with a bathroom fireplace. If you have the space, consider a separate seating area to relax before or after soaking.

11. Balcony with a Bathtub or Hot Tub

Enjoy the great outdoors while relaxing in the tub and stargazing. Incorporate a seating area for enjoying your morning coffee before hopping in the shower.

12. Kitchenette

Keep water, coffee, tea, wine, and more at hand in a kitchenette that provides easy access to morning caffeine or evening snacks to enjoy while you’re soaking in the tub.

13. Statement Pieces

Luxury bathrooms of any size can benefit from a statement piece. Some statement pieces to consider include:

  • Design a personalized vanity with multiple countertop levels or an integrated basin of the same material.
  • Choose a mirror that stands out because of its shape.
  • Benefit from the design flexibility of storage solutions that allow for creative intermixing to design concepts as simple or complex as you like.
  • Select a sculptural tub that draws the eye because of its sleek shape and texture.

Explore Solutions with Hastings

With design-driven possibilities and expert guidance, Hastings is the go-to provider for luxury bathroom products. From vanities to fixtures and everything in between, every product can be chosen to match your unique lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. If you’re looking for inspiration, insights or are ready to design a luxury bathroom, Hastings is here to help.

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