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How to Choose the Right Mirror for Your Bathroom


Mirrors are essential elements of any bathroom, but when it comes to luxury design, there is a lot to consider. In addition to selecting the right size and shape, you must also decide what features will complement your lifestyle. Ultimately, each space is as different as the people who use them, and there isn’t a single solution that suits them all.

Here are the aspects to consider when deciding which luxury mirror is the ideal fit for your high-end bathroom design.

1. Mirror Size

When selecting a mirror for bathroom design, it should almost always be the same size or narrower than the vanity, countertop, or pedestal. Vanity design will heavily influence mirror selection, and vice versa, so keep the big picture in mind when choosing bathroom furnishings.

When they fit, big mirrors in smaller spaces make them feel larger. On the other hand, smaller mirrors leave more room for wall storage and decorative items, so balance functional needs with aesthetic preferences when deciding what will work.

It’s also important to consider the height of people who will be using the mirror. The top of the mirror should be at least a few inches above eye level of the tallest person, and the bottom also needs to be low enough to provide sufficient visibility for shorter people.

Pro Tip: Hastings Tile & Bath usually recommends a 64” on center as their standard. The height is subjective to the person using the mirror, however, our design experts can guide you through the process.

2. Mirror Shape

The preferred mirror shape in a bathroom depends on the design aesthetic and other elements in the room.

Classic square or rectangular mirror shapes complement modern and contemporary spaces with sleek profiles. Round or oval mirrors add organic curves to transitional and rustic spaces. For a truly unique look, get creative with teardrops, multiple circles, or shapes within shapes. Your preferred mirror shape can usually fit all design themes.

In addition to size and shape, it’s also important to think about dimensions. Whether you go with tall and narrow or wider and horizontal depends on the vanity dimensions and how many people will be using the space simultaneously.

3. Framed or Frameless

Mirrors with chunkier, heavier frames are a good fit for transitional and rustic spaces. For a lighter look, a framed or frameless mirror with a slimmer edge captures a modern, architectural detail and style without the added weight.

A frosted glass edge provides a refined, modern look with subtle contrast and optional illumination.

Strato mirror with frosted glass edge.

Glass frames are a way to create additional storage with a sophisticated vibe that maximizes space.

Rectangular mirror with glass frame.

With a slim profile and sleek appearance, frameless mirrors blend into the space for a minimalist, modern aesthetic.

4. Lighting

Whether you choose integrated mirror lighting or not depends on other lighting solutions in the space and user preferences. If they suit the design aesthetic, lighted frames and backlit mirrors contribute to a luxury vibe. Choosing the right light color and temperature is key for providing illumination that enhances the appearance of occupants.

Use the Kelvin scale to choose the color of light output. Lower numbers are closer to candlelight and considered warmer, while higher numbers are brighter and considered cooler. In a bathroom, aim for the closest to natural light.

  • Lighting in the 5,000-10,000 Kelvin range is brighter and may be too much for indoor lighting.
  • Lighting in the range of 2,700-4,000 Kelvin casts a warm light that most people look best in, making it the ideal range for bathroom lighting.

Some luxury mirrors also have a built-in dimmer with a nightlight so you can find the switch in the dark. The soft LED glow of the button makes it easy to find without the need for harsh overhead lights.

Pro Tip: Hastings Tile & Bath usually recommends a 4,000 Kelvin standard in most of their mirrors. This is an optimal amount of light for a luxury bathroom – a warm light that will complement the individual while brightening the space for optimal glow.

5. Storage

Framed mirrors with integrating shelving, drawers, and mini-cabinets can provide open or closed storage for frequently used items. With flexible design solutions, you have the ability to incorporate finishes, colors and textures that coordinate with the vanity and other elements in the space.

Open storage on framed mirror.

Storage behind the glass is a classic solution that’s great for small spaces. It’s also convenient for storing small items that you want to easily access but prefer to have hidden. On the other hand, shelves attached to the glass surface of the mirror provide elegant, convenient storage for items that you want to display and have close at hand.

6. Luxury Features

One luxury feature to look for in a mirror is defogging so you always have clear glass, even after a shower. This keeps the mirror streak-free for less cleaning.

Built-in and attachable magnifying mirrors elevate the luxury bathroom experience. They’re very functional and great for applying make-up, especially when combined with integrated frame lighting.

Round Loop mirror with smaller magnifying mirror attached.

USB ports and power outlets are another luxury feature you can find in a mirror. When you are utilizing your other power sources, you may want additional power for your smart devices.

Hastings Luxury Mirrors for Your Bathroom

Hastings offers a wide selection of luxury mirrors for bathrooms. Our flexible design solutions allow you to customize and discover the optimal size, shape, and style of your mirror to perfectly complement your design. When you design a vanity with Hastings, you also have the option to integrate the same materials into the mirror frame for a seamless look.

If you’d like to learn more about mirror options with Hastings, request a consultation today.


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