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Storage Possibilities: What Style Is Right for You?

A bathroom with golden color floor mounted vanities with brown edges

When done well, bathroom storage is seamlessly integrated into a bathroom design. You don’t have to think when you reach for your toiletries, the spare towels are handy when you need them, and items that are used less frequently are tucked away but still easy to access. On the other hand, poorly designed storage can have a negative impact on your daily routine, whether that be storage designs that do not maximize your footprint, limit accessibility, or hinder your ability to stay organized. 

Successful storage design requires planning and an assessment of your specific needs. Understanding all the bathroom storage possibilities and when it makes sense to incorporate them into your design is the first step to crafting a bathroom that looks stunning and supports your lifestyle.

Luxury Bathroom Storage Possibilities

Whether wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or incorporated into the vanity or mirror, there are several bathroom storage solutions to consider.

Wall-Mounted Storage


Mounting storage solutions on the wall—closed cabinets, open shelves, or a mixture of horizontal and vertical orientations—allows you to gain more space without impacting the footprint. Closed cabinets are ideal for concealing larger items such as towels and storage bins while keeping them easily accessible. You can adjust interior shelf heights to suit your needs and maximize space. It’s also important to consider the opening mechanisms—visible hardware, grooves integrated into the cabinet door, or push-to-open—and how you prefer to interact with your furnishings.

Open shelving is an ideal solution for displaying decorative items and keeping frequently used items close at hand. Patterns created by single shelves, multiple shelves, and cube storage can add dynamism and help create a layered effect. You can also get creative by staggering to create an asymmetrical effect, stacking for visual impact, or integrating open shelves between concealed storage solutions to craft an exclusive look.

Floor-Mounted Storage


Floor-mounted storage can also be open or closed. For example, floor-mounted cabinets or drawers can be positioned below a vanity countertop to counterbalance a vessel sink. A solution like this allows you to keep some open floor space while providing low-level access to stored items.

Floor-mounted open shelving is also a common solution for bathrooms, especially when you want to avoid a heavy look. Opt for a contemporary solution such as Look ladder storage for a clean aesthetic that you can personalize to complement your design theme. Don’t forget about the optional integrated towel rack to get the most from this small-footprint furnishing. 

Vanity Storage


The vanity is a prime opportunity for optimizing bathroom storage, particularly when you leverage the design flexibility of a modular approach. Configure the combination of cabinets, drawers, open shelves, and side shelves that best supports your lifestyle. 

Cabinets and drawers integrated into the vanity provide concealed storage for smaller items. Use organizers to streamline your routine and keep items tidily separated, and look for a drawer-within-a-drawer design that creates extra storage space and keeps items organized.

Lower shelves can also be mounted on the wall below vanity cabinets to create a lower open shelf. This strategy adds storage without impacting the footprint, which is a great solution for optimizing space in a small bathroom and keeping the space feeling open and airy while adding functionality.

Open shelves integrated into the front or side of the vanity add both visual impact and enhanced usability. With a modular approach, you can even play with materials and colors to create a look that is intrinsically yours.

Mirror Storage


Get the most from your wall space with a mirror that includes open shelf storage to keep frequently used small items within reach. Framed mirrors can be configured to coordinate with the vanity and other storage solutions with matching or complementary materials and colors to carry your design theme through every element in the space.

Storage Accessories

Your toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, towel hooks, and toilet roll holder are highly functional, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. These small details add up to a big design opportunity, so don’t exclude them from the overall bathroom design. 

How to Decide Which Bathroom Storage Solutions Are Right for You

Think about your daily routine and habits and design around them to find the right balance of bathroom storage. Take advantage of a modular approach to mix and match to craft a combination of storage styles that serves your vision. Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality—you can have the best of both worlds with a luxury design that supports your lifestyle. 

Explore the Infinite Possibilities

Unlock your creativity with a dynamic design framework that allows you to design around your needs, not the other way around. As you go through your daily routine, think about how you would do bathroom storage differently. What would make your day easier? What design features would bring a smile to your face? The Hastings team is here to help bring your vision to life and support you every step of the way with curated collections and expert design guidance.

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