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2023 Trend: Modular Storage Solutions

Coordinating bathroom vanity and wall storage in modern bathroom

Bathroom storage is an essential element of a good bathroom design. You need space for towels, toiletries, and other essentials, but your storage solutions don’t have to be basic and boring. Think beyond rigid, traditional approaches to create a modern look that adapts to your lifestyle, space, and functional needs.

The Modular Approach

An optimized approach to bathroom storage is taking the stage in 2023. Modular collections that allow you to intermix storage elements make it possible for you to pare up or down, making your storage solutions as simple or complex as you like. This level of design flexibility has both practical and aesthetic benefits. In addition to getting all of the various types of storage you need for your lifestyle, you can also personalize to match your bathroom theme. Mix and match sizes, shapes, styles, materials, finishes, colors, and textures to deliver exactly what you envision for your space.

Play with Shapes, Symmetry, and Angles

What do you picture when you think of bathroom storage? For many people, it’s a basic rectangular cabinet or shelf. There’s nothing wrong with these simple forms—especially if your design theme leans minimal or if you add personality with colors and textures—but there are so many more possibilities!

Wall-mounted cubes can be configured in any arrangement you can imagine—aligning, stacking, staggering, clustering, and more. Horizontal and vertical cabinets or shelves of various sizes and dimensions can be mixed and matched to meet space needs and your style vision. Angular shelves make a space feel more dynamic, especially if staggered or offset.

Staggered angular shelves mirror the cascade of the vanity elements below to tie the theme together.

Staggered angular shelves mirror the cascade of the vanity elements below to tie the theme together.

Mix it Up with Materials

Layer textures and materials to create a look that matches your style preferences. Designing thoughtful storage solutions is essential for maintaining the motif of whatever atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Tailor your wall storage to match or complement the vanity or pick up on another color in the space such as the rich striations in a marble slab or a featured accent wall. Go tone-on-tone with monochrome colors throughout the space for a modern vibe or choose contrasting colors for an eye-catching effect that adds a pop of color to liven the space. Introduce a multi-tone look by contrasting the back panel finish of open shelving with the exterior paneling for an accent that adds depth, or pair wood- or stone-look materials with matte finishes for a warm, welcoming feel.

Wood-look cabinets and shelves complement their matte taupe counterparts both as individual elements and as carefully configured wall-mounted storage pieces.

Wood-look cabinets and shelves complement their matte taupe counterparts both as individual elements and as carefully configured wall-mounted storage pieces.


Layer in Three Dimensions

Weaving different modular bathroom storage elements together can help create cohesion with character. Play with the depths of cabinets and shelves to create extra surface space or just to make the room feel more dynamic. Stagger the heights of storage elements to create symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns. Create a cascading effect with intentional horizontal placement and sizing of storage elements.

This wall-mounted cube storage features multiple depths that please the eye from any angle. Extending the multi-depth motif to all of the wall-mounted storage in the space ensures continuity.

Don’t Compromise on Convenience

The functionality of bathroom storage is a top priority, so look for solutions that make your daily life easier, such as:

  • Soft-close cabinets and drawers.
  • Open shelving for easy access.
  • Organizational dividers in cabinets and drawers.
  • Integrated lighting so you can see what you’re looking for.
  • Stylish hardware or sleek grooves.

Open shelves keep items within easy reach, elegant hardware offers convenient access to drawers, and push-to-open cabinets conceal other items with a seamless and streamlined look.

Conceal and Display

Put your most beautiful bathroom items on display with carefully positioned open shelving and conceal the less glamorous items behind cabinet doors that open on the side or from the top. Personalize your storage solutions based on the items you own and how you use your bathroom—this is your space, so make it yours.

Color-matched curated items shine on display in a combination of vertical and horizontal shelves, while minimalist white cabinets conceal others without stealing the show.

Blend in Lower Storage

While it makes sense to keep many items handy and within easy reach above the waist, don’t forget about all of the potential storage space below. Adding a lower shelf or row of cabinets not only provides more places to stash your stuff but can also be a strategic design element.

Three wide drawers below the vanity countertop provide ample storage space and an overall anchoring effect for this well-coordinated luxury bathroom design.

Optimize Bathroom Storage with Hastings

The modular approach to bathroom storage allows you to configure and personalize every element. Work with our design team to get a better idea of the endless possibilities, then narrow and refine them based on your specific needs.

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