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New Product Introductions: Tricot, Tuby, Poli, and Vivace

two blue bathroom consoles with lower shelf

Our Italian design partners are constantly crafting new luxury bathroom products to enhance our robust collection, and we’re excited to introduce four new designs. Like all our collections, these design solutions leverage our modular approach to enable flexibility that allows you to design around your vision, including diverse materials, textures, finishes, and color ranges. These luxury bathroom collections were crafted with your needs in mind to elevate usability and offer flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.

Check out these four new luxury bathroom products and imagine how they might transform your space.

Tricot Vanity


This sleek, floating, wall-mounted vanity is available in four textured relief patterns that can be mixed to create a layered look. The 45-degree integrated grooved handle blends seamlessly to support a clean, minimalist vibe. The modular design concept allows you to create the look that works best for your space and lifestyle, including multi-level, staggered, cascading, and more. 

Cabinet finishes include 20 matte lacquer, and three real wood veneers, allowing you to design around any theme, from clean and coastal to modern and minimalist. Personalize the Tricot vanity with a broad range of dimension possibilities:

  • Custom widths: 24" up to 86 5/8"                                  
  • Depth: 20-1/2"
  • Standard cabinet widths: 24", 32", 40", 48" 

Tuby Consoles


With sleek matte black metal frames and simple clean lines, the new contemporary Tuby consoles are available in Anime, Anime Handwash, and Telaio styles. Each of these designs is made from solid-surface material in 44 colors. Telaio is also available in three modern textures to add depth to your space.

Anime’s sliding shelf feature adds flexible counter space without increasing the footprint, a lower shelf adds storage while maintaining an open feel, and an optional built-in towel rack adds stylish functionality. The included matching drain cover creates a modern tone-on-tone effect that contrasts beautifully with the black frame detail.

Poli Consoles and Tub


The Poli 30 and Poli 58 consoles are designed to coordinate with the Poli tub in a cohesive modern luxury bathroom. Perfect for a small bathroom, the round ceramic console features 13 basin colors and five frame finishes. Optional modular accessories include a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, magnifying mirror, and swiveling towel bars. The Poli 30 also includes a lower shelf for extra storage.

Tie the theme together with a Poli tub that has coordinating ceramic and metal frame finishes, a modern oval shape, and modular accessories, including a soap holder, swiveling towel bars, and a circular storage shelf.

Vivace Console


The Vivace console is an innovative design that features a textured solid-surface rectangular basin with rounded edges perched on top of a Panka wood bench. The design is available in 44 basin colors and six Panka bench finishes, meaning you can personalize it to coordinate with storage solutions and other furnishings in your luxury bathroom.

The smooth basin interior with textured exterior adds a dynamic element to your space, while the Panka bench provides ample space for storage or sitting. An optional towel hook enhances the functionality of this piece without adding to the footprint. The console is floor-mounted with open space below, evoking a spa-like vibe with the look of natural materials and a luxurious texture.

Stay on the Forefront of Luxury Bathroom Design

As new design concepts and luxury materials emerge, Hastings is always staying on the leading edge of bathroom design. In collaboration with our partners in Italy, you can count on us to deliver innovative modular solutions that allow you to tailor your designs around your lifestyle and aesthetic vision. Get in touch with a design specialist or visit our New York showroom to experience the endless possibilities.

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