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How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger


Having a small space doesn’t mean it needs to feel small. From the materials you use to the way you play with light, there are many strategies you can use to turn a cozy bathroom into one that feels spacious and luxurious. Whether you’re renovating or want to make some small changes, here are some small bathroom ideas to make your space feel larger.

Color Design

Choose your colors carefully, because the right tones can make a world of difference. Your best bet is to use light colors, but a few darker elements or a splash of color can also help create depth.

Avoid using only dark colors, though, as these shades can condense and compress the room. If you choose to incorporate darker colors, the floor is the ideal place for them. Another option is to keep your walls and floor the same color to add to the illusion of extra space, but make sure they are lighter tones.

Adding a feature wall to showcase an interesting tile design or add an intriguing pop of color is another alternative. Doing this can help extend your room as well as give your space an enhanced multi-dimensional design element. Be sure not to select a color that is too dark.

Whichever colors you go with, commit to the color scheme so the room feels continuous and spacious. Remember that textures, like tiles and rugs, can help you create variety and dimension while keeping with your chosen color arrangement.


Mirrors are one of the best tools available to increase the perceived size of a space. From full-sized wall mirrors to wall-mounted mirrors hung over the vanity, these fixtures are a must-have for small spaces. They can help in a few different ways:

  • Reflections: Even a small mirror can add valuable reflections that create the illusion of more space. They’re a simple way to make the entire bathroom feel bigger and create more visual intrigue in your space.
  • Light: Since mirrors reflect light, you can use them to bounce light around the room for a brightening effect. Mirrors can also help you get more mileage out of stylish light fixtures. Backlit mirrors are another eye-catching design element. These additional light sources can create an intriguing shimmer effect and design-savvy presence. The mirror almost lifts off the wall without taking up extra space.
  • Space: Full-size mirrors offer a lofty effect by filling your space from wall to wall or floor to ceiling. At first glance, it can look like the room is twice its actual size. Large mirrors are a shrewd way to “extend” a small bathroom design and open up the space.


Fortunately, your choice of materials isn’t limited by the size of your bathroom, giving you a bevy of creative directions. Materials play a large role in small luxury bathrooms and can affect other important elements, like reflections, lighting and color.

Top-shelf materials add luxury to any bathroom, regardless of size. Consider using materials like:

  • Glass
  • Solid-surface
  • Fenix
  • High-pressure laminate
  • Porcelain

By aligning your material selections with your design and aesthetic vision, you can capture your high-end design goals and make a small bathroom luxurious. Be sure to pair your materials with your color palette. Like colors, light materials tend to make your bathroom feel more spacious.

Lighting in your bathroom


Lighting is a critical part of making any small room feel bigger. Just about every element of the bathroom — including mirrors, your color scheme and high-quality materials — is elevated by lighting.

The best light source is usually natural light. Well-lit rooms generally feel bigger, and daylight is often gentle and diffused. As a result, you aren’t met with incredibly harsh lighting from an artificial source. If you have a window, pull back the curtains, or consider adding a skylight, which further opens the space by connecting it to the outdoors.

If daylight isn’t an option, you can still use artificial lighting to make your space feel bigger without it being too harsh. Ornate or sophisticated fixtures can contribute to a luxury bathroom design and help you add plenty of illumination. The right mixture of natural light and artificial light can make your bathroom feel large enough while giving you enough light to get ready.


Storage is a great place to get creative with small bathroom designs.

Try to open up your floor space by using fixtures like wall-hung vanities and floating countertops. The floating designs add attractive empty space and lightness that help to open up the bathroom’s layout. Ledges and decorative open shelving can also add storage space without taking up room on the floor. You can even use a mirror with shelf storage to reduce the number of elements needed for a minimalist design.

Avoid elements that can make the bathroom look cluttered instead, pair storage with your space – think slim and sleek. Trying to fit an overly large storage cabinet in a small space will impede the flow of the room and be incongruent. Be sure to consider dimension, spatial footprint and room dynamics.


Lastly, you can make some changes that make the bathroom look larger or increase the amount of usable space.

Leave some room in between your fixtures, instead of installing them immediately next to each other. Consider it “breathing space” that helps the room feel balanced. Planning is crucial here, as you’ll need to select the right elements for maximizing space and balancing dimensions according to your needs. This is formally called negative space, and its goal is to create visual balance.

Here are some other ways to maximize bathroom space:

  • Use a glass shower door: Installing clear glass doors in a stand-up shower can give the illusion of more square footage, because the floor looks like it continues into the shower space. This choice also tends to look more elegant than a shower curtain.
  • Install a pocket door: Pocket doors slide directly into the wall, reducing the space they take up and providing a neater appearance.
  • Consider curved fixtures: Opting for a curved basin or tub may help you reduce how much space these fixtures take up.

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