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3 High-End Bathroom Countertop Design Options to Consider


Most people go about their day without thinking twice, let alone once, about their bathroom countertop. However, this essential element of the bathroom deserves some deep thought during the design process.

High-end bathroom countertop design isn’t as simple as choosing the color that best matches the decor. You must also consider how it will be used, how easy it is to maintain, and the impact it will have on the overall aesthetic.

When deciding which solutions make the most sense for your luxury bathroom design, consider these three factors for selecting a countertop.


1. Bathroom Countertop Design

Designers must consider many factors when designing any element of a home, and the bathroom countertop is no exception. Answer a few key questions to get a sense of the lifestyle needs you must consider:

  • How many people will be using the space?
  • Are there any user-specific needs?
  • What are the future needs of occupants?


Multi-level bathroom countertop

A conventional single-level countertop is suitable for many lifestyles, but it’s not the only possibility. Multi-level countertops offer a customized experience that can be tailored to how each individual uses the space. You also get the benefit of maximizing the footprint of the countertop. Connect a seated makeup area to the adjacent basins for convenience and a seamless look, or stack countertops to get more storage or offset for a stylish storage-driven concept.

Textures also impact the functionality and feel of a space. How do you balance durability and maintenance with a luxury experience?


Horizontal surfaces are magnets for bathroom storage, whether that was the original intent or not. Think about how the space will actually be used and incorporate personalized solutions to achieve the desired end result.

Are there decorative items that will be on display? Do you need hidden storage to conceal personal items? Is there dedicated space for the most frequently used items to be within reach?


In most cases, one or two sinks will be incorporated into the countertop. The style that works best will depend on aesthetic preferences, the height of the countertop, desired materials, and other factors. You can choose a vessel sink or one that is integrated into the surface of the countertop, either of the same or a complementary material. Also, remember you have the flexibility to play with symmetry depending on the room layout and functional goals.


2. Bathroom Countertop Materials and Finishes

When choosing the countertop material, you have a diverse selection of options. In many cases, synthetic materials provide easier maintenance, more durability, and many more options than natural materials.

When choosing a countertop, think about function, texture, hardness, and other factors that will impact the overall experience. Choose finishes from matte to high gloss to carry the overall design theme and incorporate colors from an extensive palette.

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Bathroom countertop made of High-Pressure Laminate

High-pressure laminate (don’t let the name deter your enthusiasm) is a modern, high-tech material that provides the look of natural materials without the maintenance. Laminates have come a long way in recent decades and now offer a truly high-end experience while also being durable and easy to maintain.

This waterproof material is made of multiple layers that are heated and compressed to make it impervious to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Available in a range of stone, wood, and concrete look finishes, HPL countertops can be as thin as half an inch or as thick as four inches.


Red glass countertop

For a super-luxe and truly one-of-a-kind countertop, there is no substitute for glass countertops and basins. With a robust selection of stunning colors, material textures, patterns, and effects, you can creatively personalize and individualize your luxury countertop.

Textured, matte, frosted, gloss, and “bubbling/molten” finishes allow you to create mesmerizing visuals that propel any aesthetic. Explore neutral, bright, bold, and metallic colors to complement your modern bathroom.


Porcelain is a dense, hardened material that is extremely durable. So durable in fact it’s often used as a tile in high-traffic environments. It’s also non-porous and resistant to stains, scratches, and other blemishes. Choose from matte or gloss finishes to create a stone or marble feel without the associated maintenance or upkeep.


A new high-end bathroom countertop material, Fenix is super durable with an opaque texture that works well with a modern aesthetic. Available in a diverse range of muted colors, this non-porous material is highly resistant to scratches, heat, abrasions, and stains. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. By using an iron and a damp towel/cloth, thermal healing can be applied to the relevant area of the product if scratches have not penetrated the surface.

Wood Look

If you’re going for an elegant rustic aesthetic, consider a rough-cut wood look with a live edge. A laminate finish ensures durability and provides a waterproof surface. When compared to real wood, you can expect easier maintenance and a longer lifespan.

3. Bathroom Countertop Details

Although the major elements are important, it is often the architectural details that complete the picture of luxury. Some details to consider with countertops include:


Mitered or square, curved or straight, and custom patterns can all be incorporated into countertop edges for a unique look.


Gloss, matte, frosted glass, bush-hammered, and other textures affect both the visual and tactile experiences.


Vetro glass; gold, silver, or copper leaf; veining and other effects bring a touch of luxury you won’t find in most off-the-shelf basins and countertops.


Go extra thick for a floating countertop with offset storage and thinner if there’s a vanity below. The thickness of the countertop also impacts the overall aesthetic. For example, a chunkier counter would work well in a modern industrial design, while a thinner countertop would be a good addition to a transitional space that has more delicate details.

Basin Styles

White rectangular vessel sink

In addition to meeting functional needs, choosing the right basin style can also transform a luxury bathroom. When designing, consider:

  • Integrated basin shapes and styles
  • Unique vessel possibilities
  • An overflow detail that matches the countertop material and color

Aligning with Walls

How the countertop meets the wall is an important detail. Options include molding of different shapes and sizes, a matching backsplash that extends the countertop, or having nothing at all.

Special Features

Luxury bathroom basin

Luxury bathroom design is an opportunity for distinctive touches. Examples include:

  • An integrated towel rack for a floating countertop
  • A dual-colored approach with a white basin and colored or wood-look countertop
  • A cover basin to conceal the drain and have the countertop look like one continuous flowing design

Bathroom Countertops from Hastings

Ultimately, luxury bathroom countertop design has endless possibilities, rife with potential, especially when you partner with Hastings. Our extensive line of countertop materials allows you to customize every aspect of the design from size and thickness to color and texture.

The best way to experience the design flexibility Hastings offers is to see it in person. Schedule a visit to our showroom to explore all of your luxury bathroom countertop possibilities.


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