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Design Inspiration: 5 Ways to Style a VOLA Faucet

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With an iconic look that stands the test of time and continual innovation of enduring designs, VOLA faucets can be configured to match any aesthetic. VOLA’s modular faucet and shower systems allow for endless design possibilities.

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5 Ways to Style a VOLA Faucet

With so many options for personalization and individualization, getting started can be overwhelming. That’s why we put together a curated selection of design ideas for your VOLA faucet.

1. Capitalize on color.

You can’t talk about VOLA without talking about color. VOLA currently features 27 finishes, including 15 powder-coated colors, six of which are from the timeless original palette. With so many options for colored faucets, you have the freedom to take various approaches, including:

  • Subtle expression: Neutral tones such as grey, white, and matte white blend seamlessly with other decor to add sophisticated style.
  • Color accents: A pop of bright color in an otherwise neutral palette changes the entire aesthetic. Liven up any space with bright red, light green, orange, yellow, blue, or pink fixtures.
  • Complementary colors: Bring the whole space together with a color-rich experience that incorporates every element, including the faucets.

2. Flourish with metallic and PVD finishes.

VOLA is best known for its colorful fixtures, but these are not the only available finishes. When you want understated elegance with the minimalist look of a VOLA faucet, you can get a traditional metallic finish. Available in polished chrome, brushed chrome, natural brass, or brushed stainless steel, these VOLA faucets offer a sleek design option for clients who prefer a more conventional finish.

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) provides rich color and durability in contemporary finishes such as copper, nickel, and gold. Three finishes in black—black, brushed black, and deep black—offer design flexibility for modern spaces with dark fixtures.

3. Go hands-free.

VOLA features go beyond finishes and colors. They also offer electronic faucets and accessories for hands-free use in both commercial and residential settings. In addition to having the iconic style of all VOLA products, they are also the most efficient on the market and LEED-certified. When you need to meet sustainability standards, do it in style with VOLA.

4. Make use of modular design potential.

VOLA offers limitless options for both form and function in spout style, handle type, and mounting options, delivering on their promise of one design with infinite possibilities. Depending on the functionality you need and the aesthetic you want, you can leverage VOLA’s modular system to design faucets for every kitchen or bath.

You can choose from various mounting options, including:

Spout styles include:

  • Curved angles
  • Right angles
  • Gooseneck spouts
  • Double swivel spouts
  • Spray wands for kitchen or shower

Handle options include one- or two-handle mixers that can either be built into the faucet or mounted adjacent to it.

5. Accent with accessories.

Every design detail matters in a luxury bathroom. Don’t forget to accessorize with VOLA products such as:

  • Soap dispensers
  • Towel bars
  • A soap magnet
  • Towel hooks
  • Towel warmers
  • Mirrors and mirror holders
  • Matching drain stoppers

The smallest details contribute to the overall design of a space, and VOLA’s comprehensive product catalog allows you to tie everything together.


Hastings Tile & Bath: Your VOLA Connection

As the exclusive VOLA distributor in the U.S. and Canada, Hastings Tile & Bath is your direct link to this versatile faucet system. Our team will work closely with you to identify creative design solutions that match your clients’ needs and your aesthetic vision. With endless design possibilities in one system, our in-house experts offer valuable guidance when selecting the right combination of colors, styles, and accessories.

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