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Why Flexibility Is Important for a Modern Bathroom Design

Urban Low Height and Standard Height Vanities

Successful modern bathroom design incorporates both functionality and style. Whether minimalist or ornate, designs that stand out do so because they are unique. No matter the ultimate vision when designing a modern bathroom, you can’t achieve it without flexibility. This important trait applies to all participants in the process, including clients, designers, and product suppliers.

Let’s explore how flexibility applies to the many facets of the design process:

Aesthetic Preferences

Modern bathroom design means different things to different people. Some people prefer warm wood tones and concrete basins, whereas others gravitate to metallic finishes and glossy tile. Being flexible and having a robust palette of materials, textures and finishes to draw from is essential for matching the aesthetic preferences of every client.

Lifestyle Requirements

Understanding a luxury client’s lifestyle needs—both now and in the future—is the key to a successful design. Whether it’s planning for aging in place, accounting for the evolving needs of children as they grow, or planning for ample storage of a fragrance collection, it’s important to generate flexible solutions.

Room to Explore

Making the right design decisions for every project depends on having design-centric solutions. Working with a provider like Hastings gives you the freedom, versatility, possibility, and potential you need to meet your clients’ design and lifestyle goals. If you have been specifying the same bathroom products for years, it’s time to explore new innovative styles and discover true design flexibility.

Choose from an endless selection of products with diverse:

  • Configurations: Modular design concepts and dynamic, tailored designs
  • Designs and styling: Shrewd design frameworks to propel ideas and capture any vision.
  • Materials: Natural, Recycled, Fenix, Porcelain, Soft-Touch, HPL, Glass, and Solid-Surface
  • Textures: Smooth, patterned, natural, soft-touch, wood grained, bush-hammered
  • Finishes: Glossy, matte, metallic, textured
  • Colors: A wide spectrum of colors ranging from neutral to attention-grabbing
  • Features: Hands-free, nuanced detailing, versatile styling, minimalist

Sometimes, clients don’t know what they want until they see it. Taking them to the Hastings showroom can help them unlock new design inspiration.

Attention to Detail

Design is all about details, whether it’s the invisible shower drain system, a backlit mirror that casts a shimmering glow, or the motifs throughout every feature in a space. Hastings offers a broad selection of modern bathroom design elements, allowing you to customize every element of a luxury bathroom. Decor including:

  • Vanities
  • Storage solutions
  • Tubs
  • Mirrors
  • Basins
  • Countertops
  • Faucets
  • Shower Systems & Tub fillers
  • Towel Warmers
  • Tile


If you always come back to the same suppliers with the same products, you’re potentially missing out on industry innovations. Being open-minded and flexible allows you to provide the most current bathroom designs and decor. When you work with Hastings, you can be confident that you have access to leading-edge products and forward-thinking designers with a finger on the pulse of the luxury bath industry.

Design Limitations

Whether it’s a structural element that can’t be moved or a strong client preference that you must accommodate, design limitations are an opportunity for creativity. A tiny powder room with  limited surface area on the countertop is the perfect place for a VOLA magnetic soap holder. A couple with a large height difference could benefit from the adjustability of a ceiling-mounted Punto mirror. Design for any layout, footprint or room size with the infinite permutations of the Urban vanity collection and turn obstacles into potential.

Although challenging, overcoming design limitations can be the secret to developing unique and creative design solutions that add enhanced value and individuality to a space.

Client Satisfaction

Ultimately, how the client feels about the design determines whether it is successful. Flexibility is crucial to meeting client needs. As designers, clients look to us as experts to deliver inspiring solutions that not only fulfill their requirements, but also surprise, enrich, and delight them. We can’t do this without flexibility, both in terms of design vision and the products we specify.

Get Inspired with Hastings BATH

Our design team starts with a discovery process to learn your clients’ wants, needs, and style preferences. From the shared design vision, we select several options, map out solutions that align , and iterate until we land on the ideal solution together. Through our partnerships with carefully curated luxury designers and suppliers, we bring the design vision to life.

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