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How to Incorporate Electronic Faucets into a Luxury Bathroom

VOLA gold wall-mount bathroom faucets


These days, people crave modern convenience when they think about luxury in their homes. High-tech features such as interactive mirrors, smart showers, adjustable privacy glass, and so on are becoming more popular in luxury bathrooms. When it comes to hands-free faucets with high-end design, VOLA is the clear frontrunner.

VOLA Hands-Free Electronic Faucets

Not surprisingly, the innovative Danish brand VOLA has leading-edge hands-free electronic faucets as part of their product offering. Like other hands-free taps, a built-in infrared sensor automatically turns on the water flow when you place your hands near the sensor. However, unlike most electronic faucets that only deliver cold water, the VOLA faucet has an on-off sensor as well as separate temperature control in some models. For a true luxury experience, noiseless solenoids ensure silent operation.

VOLA’s highly customizable system allows you to configure the cycle settings from 0-20 seconds, depending on your preferences. You can also adapt the sensor reach from 2-8 inches to accommodate children or people in wheelchairs. An optional add-on feature that also requires recirculating hot water allows you to preconfigure the desired temperature or allow individuals to set it.

A waterproof box and circuit board ensure a long life, and waterproof plugs also protect against water and harsh cleaning chemicals. In homes with low use, such as vacation homes, there is a self-cleaning feature that flushes the system every 24 hours to prevent bacteria growth and keep the trap wet.

Benefits of VOLA Hands-Free Faucets

Timeless Design

The electronic hands-free faucet option is available in VOLA’s classic HV1 and 111 styles, two of the most recognizable tap designs in the world. Six- and nine-inch spouts are standard, but other sizes are available as well. Incorporating one of these faucet designs into your luxury bathroom will provide both timeless style and the convenience you deserve.

Modular Components

Like all VOLA products, the modular design approach allows for ultimate design flexibility. You can choose the mounting style, colors, and finishes to match your aesthetic.

Versatile Use Cases

With wall-mount or deck-mount solutions, you can incorporate a hands-free VOLA tap into any luxury bathroom design, regardless of the vanity and basin style. You also have the freedom to position the sensor vertically below the tap or horizontally to the side to match the surrounding design.

Fabulous Finishes

The large selection of colors and finishes allows you to match any decor. VOLA offers 15 powder-coated RAL colors, 8 metallic physical vapor deposition (PVD) finishes, and an array of gloss and matte options. Whether you’re going for a dramatic look, modern minimalism, or a bright pop of color, you can customize the design to match your taste.

Touchless Technology

VOLA hands-free faucets help you save water because the tap automatically turns off when not in use. Hands-free faucets and fixtures stay cleaner longer when they aren’t touched, and they support better hygiene by preventing the transmission of bacteria and viruses through tap handles.

Environmentally Friendly Flow

Each VOLA electronic faucet will be standard with a flow of 1.2 gallons per minute (GPM). There are adjustable time settings for the cycles, from 3 seconds to 20 seconds. These models use 0.02 GPM per second, so a 3-second cycle will use only 0.06 GPM. The max flow per cycle is 20 seconds at 0.4 GPM. Flow rate regulations for electronic sets are determined by cycle, not GPM, and this faucet meets or exceeds WaterSense and LEED requirements.

Noiseless Activation

Most hands-free faucets have an audible “clunk” when they are activated. VOLA’s noiseless solenoids create the ultimate luxury experience with silent, seamless action when the sensor is triggered.

Matching Accessories

Matching hands-free soap and hand sanitizer dispensers create even more convenience and a sleek look for functional items. Complete the overall aesthetic with other VOLA products that can be customized to match, including soap holders, mirror holders, drain covers, and more.

Hastings: The Exclusive VOLA Distributor in the U.S. & Canada

When it comes to luxury, quality craftsmanship, and timeless style, VOLA’s iconic designs are unrivaled.. The hands-free series lives up to the brand’s reputation in every way, including the introduction of innovative features you won’t find in any other product. Hastings is your one-stop shop for VOLA products in the U.S. & Canada. Stop by our showroom, take the virtual tour, or reach out to the team to get the design process started.

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