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9 Ways to Unlock Your Bathroom Layout's Potential

Hastings bath freestanding towel rail in white

The bathroom is where you start and end your day, so why shouldn’t you design your bathroom layout exactly the way you want? Whether you’re aiming for a calming oasis, an energizing atmosphere, or a space that can provide a bit of both, there are many ways you can elevate your bathroom. Check out these luxury bathroom ideas for inspiring ways to unlock your bathroom’s potential.

A Geometric Tableau

1. Use negative space.

A floating countertop paired with offset lower storage provides ample counter space with functional storage and delivers eye-catching asymmetry. Overlapping the countertop takes advantage of the negative space below the sink and extends it to create a more open feel with a multi-level look. In addition to the striking aesthetic, this solution can also be also wheelchair accessible, making it suitable for aging in place.

2. Play with shapes.

Although this luxury bathroom is dominated by squares and rectangles, the rounded edges of the mirror, built-in round magnifying mirror, and accent wedge at the top add softness to the space.

3. Mix up materials and textures.

Muted greys, a wood-look live-edge countertop with realistic grain, a textured stone-look vessel sink, and calming sky blue work together to create a theme that exudes warmth and style.

Brooding and Beautiful

4. Wave goodbye to white.

This luxury space is a perfect example of a contemporary bathroom that does not rely on white. The darker hues create a cozy, relaxing environment for starting and ending the day.

5. Align the elements.

The alignment of vertical open shelving on the wall and integrated into the vanity concept below creates a grounding effect against the backdrop of the staggered countertop. This type of continuity is one of the luxury bathroom ideas that can be applied to any design. Using layout and orientation is a savvy design technique for adding dimension, depth, and character to your bathroom design.

6. Personalize functional components.

It’s easy to picture yourself in this bathroom side by side with your partner. The essential elements you need are within easy reach with integrated mirror storage above and sleek, soft-close drawers below.

Simple Yet Stunning

7. Use contrasting shapes.

The large, bold, circular mirror perfectly contrasts the angular elements in the vanity and Kros wall storage. The backlit rectangular wedge is a subtle reminder that this is no ordinary bathroom.

8. Match materials.

Pairing materials across both vanity and wall storage ties the space together and provides continuity between the elements. Multi-tone matte white with a softer wood-look material keeps it clean and simple while elevating the overall look.

9. Stagger with style.

The double-staggered vanity and shelving above make the space feel unique and tailored without being too flashy. These seemingly simple design choices lend a subtle touch of luxury to this elegant space.

Unlock Your Bathroom’s Potential with Design Flexibility

All of these design ideas—and infinitely more—are possible with the design flexibility of our modular approach. You can not only mix and match functional elements such as drawers, cabinets, and open shelving, but you also have total freedom regarding materials. Choose a countertop that starkly contrasts with the vanity below, or go tone-on-tone for a minimalist aesthetic. When you choose the materials, colors, and textures that speak to you for your bathroom layout, the result is a truly personalized space that meets your daily functional needs and matches your aesthetic vision.

Whether you’re starting with a blank slate or renovating an existing space, a bathroom design project is loaded with potential. Don’t limit yourself to predesigned products that don’t quite fit with what you have in mind. Bring your vision to life with design flexibility and a professional design consultation from Hastings.

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