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Wall-Mount Vanities vs. Floor-Mount Vanities: What’s Right for You?


As the centerpiece of your bathroom, its crucial your vanity style harmonizes with your design theme and concept. As you search for the perfect vanity, you’ll come across two primary vanity types — wall-mount and floor-mount vanities. While either profile can suit your design intentions, you’ll likely want to know how they differ so you can select the ideal vanity for your style.

Find out more about the difference between wall-mount and floor-mount vanities and how you can select the vanity style that’s right for your space.

What Is a Wall-Mount Vanity?

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Sometimes called floating or wall-hung vanities, wall-mounted vanities are unsurprisingly mounted to walls and don’t touch the floor. These vanities feature drawers or doors and shelving that come in a wide variety of configurations, styles, and sizes. Since these vanities leave open space beneath them, they allow you to use this space for other purposes.

Pros and Cons of Wall-Mount Vanities

Wall-mount vanities come with a host of benefits that make them an attractive solution for many homeowners. With wall-mount vanities, you can more easily clean your bathroom and create a more modern aesthetic. You’ll have more opportunities to personalize with this stylistic direction. Take a look at some of the top advantages of wall-mount vanities below:

  • Exceptional sleek, modern appearance: If your aiming for a modern look, wall-mounted vanities make a compelling and surefire contemporary statement. These sleek vanities exude design-centric style with clean lines and are flexible in overall design to strike the right chord in your bath. Appearing to levitate, the added open space typifies minimalism and contemporary styling.
  • Modular design: Get creative with your design! A modular concept offers you a high degree of configurability by utilizing cabinets as building blocks to design a vanity personalized just for you.
  • Easier cleaning: When you have a floor-mounted vanity, it can be more challenging to clean around its corners or in openings underneath it. Floating vanities make upkeep in your bathroom easier, as you can easily sweep the floor with a broom or mop.
  • More spacious appearance: Since wall-mounted vanities are elevated off the floor, they can give a bathroom a less cramped appearance. This design lightens the room, opening up your space making the room feel larger. Wall-hung vanities also allow light to bounce off the bathroom’s floor. This light transmission can serve as a sort of magic trick that makes viewers perceive the bathroom as larger than it actually is.
  • Greater personalization: Since you can easily adjust a wall-mount vanity’s height, they offer greater personalization to your unique needs. You can pick the ideal height to mount your vanity to fit your preferences and make your experience more comfortable. These individualized details can be very helpful if you need to make a bathroom more accessible for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

You should consider a few factors when deciding if a wall-mount vanity is right for you. First, consider your storage needs. Since these vanities don’t extend to the floor, they usually have fewer shelves and drawers than floor-mounted options. Remember you can always supplement with wall storage solutions for additional storage that seamlessly pair with your vanity.

Also, keep their installation requirements in mind. Floating vanities must be safely mounted to the wall, this is relatively simple you will need solid bridging in the wall to mount your brackets and support the weight of your vanity. This can easily be accomplished by a hired professional.

What Is a Floor-Mount Vanity?

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Sometimes called a freestanding vanity, this style is situated on the floor. Like wall-mount vanities, you can find them in a vast selection of styles and designs, giving buyers ample design potential to fit their rooms inspiration.

Pros and Cons of Floor-Mount Vanities

Floor-mount vanities provide many advantages that make them another attractive alternative to design enthusiasts. Benefits include providing a more classic appearance and offering greater storage opportunities. Some of the pros of floor-mount vanities include:

  • Greater storage opportunities: Floor-mounted vanities often have more space than wall-mounted vanities because they extend to the floor. So these vanities usually offer added storage functionality. If storage is a top priority need, floor-mount vanities are an advantageous selection with deeper drawers and expansive cabinets to maximize your space.
  • More classic appearance: While a classic look can be a con to some, many buyers love freestanding vanities that deliver a transitional appearance. A freestanding vanity can be an excellent choice when you want to add a sense of drama to your bathroom and make a statement.
  • Design Flexibility: Customize your design and have it typify your unique style, space and lifestyle. Some floor-mount vanity designs offer this level of latitude to craft a design that is exclusive to you.

When deciding if a floor-mounted vanity is right for you, keep in mind that you can’t adjust its height since it extends to the floor. As a result, floor vanities aren’t as accessibility friendly as wall-mounted vanities.

Floor-mount vanities also take up more space than wall-mounted vanities. If you have a smaller bathroom, you might want to stay away from a floor-mount vanity to give your bathroom a more spacious appearance. You might prefer a floating vanity instead if you want a more modern look since floor-mount vanities typically offer a more transitional or traditional appearance in most cases. However, you can still find many freestanding vanities favoring a contemporary design.

How to Decide Between a Wall-Mount and Floor-Mount Vanity

Ask yourself, “Stylistically what fits my eye?”, “What profile fits my overall room concept?”, “How will that style fit your design theme?”, “What are my bathroom storage needs?” “What’s the size of my space?” These insights and overarching pillars will guide your decision-making.

For example, if you want to give your bathroom a more classic appearance and get more storage space from a vanity, a floor-mount vanity might be the preferred option. In contrast, if you want to have more floor space and a more modern bathroom appearance, wall-mount vanities are ideal.

Explore Vanities From Hastings Tile & Bath

At Hastings Tile & Bath, we know how important the right vanity is for your bathroom. Alongside offering floor-mount and wall-mount vanities, we also offer a deep selection vanity designs to ensure you discover the perfect vanity for your aesthetic and functional needs. Our Italian-designed vanities come in a expansive range of finishes, configurations, materials, design themes and detailing options to give you plenty of choices. We even offer customization and personalization offerings to make sure the vanity you buy is truly one of a kind.

Take a moment to look through our selection of vanities in wall-mounted and floor-mounted configurations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Design Specialists today.

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