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Design Flexibility: Vanities Edition


Hastings Tile & Bath provides custom bathroom vanities with complete design flexibility to help you complete your luxury bathroom. Discover the value of design flexibility and how you can turn your vanity concept into a stunning final product.

The Benefits of Design Flexibility

Personalized vanities from Hastings Tile & Bath offer endless configurability to suit your unique design sense. Through design flexibility, you can:

  • Develop a luxury vanity that accommodates your lifestyle needs and embodies your aesthetic.
  • Enjoy the latitude and versatility of a design concept that is uniquely yours.
  • Explore a deep selection of textures, materials and finishes to elevate your design direction.
  • Embrace every potential design opportunity.
  • Turn your vanity vision into a remarkable reality.

At Hastings Tile & Bath, you have the opportunity to work with a Design Specialist. These strategists help you develop your vision when needed and provide the resources to create a individualized vanity you will admire.

Our Design Team works by first discovering your inspiration and style to ideate the right vanity concept for your style and space. Once we’ve crafted this vision with your input, our designers will develop an extensive selection of design possibilities with various configurations, colors, materials and textures.

We simplify the design journey to craft a luxurious experience alongside our high-end products.

Flexible Configurations

Our luxury bathroom vanities use modular design concepts to create endless profile possibilities. You have the power to select drawer types, vanity sizing, open shelving options and contemporary styles for your space.

Flexible Configurations

Flexible Styles and Features

Versatility gives you control over every striking element in your final design. While our vanity products include various style opportunities, these selections act as only a starting point for your completely personalized vanity style.

Customize one of our collections through:

  • Drawer styles
  • Basin types
  • Open shelving
  • Handle styles and finishes
  • Side panel textures and colors
  • Groove detailing
  • Inner cabinet drawer accessories

Selecting vanity styles and features with the guidance of our Design Team ensures you gain a breathtaking vanity that complements your bathroom’s design.

Robust Finish Selections

Tailored vanity designs offer a deep selection of finish opportunities to elevate the look and feel of the final product. Hastings Tile & Bath offers an extensive selection of colors to suit your color palette and evoke your preferred ambiance. With soft neutrals and bold hues, you can find the ideal mood for your contemporary room design.

Beyond color opportunities, you have the chance to select countertop and cabinet materials, textures and finishes.

Flexible Sizing

Every space is different, and flexible sizing ensures your vanity suits your bathroom. Modular designs allow you to configure and build out your vanity to suit your space with different graduating cabinet sizes. Work with and craft a personalized design with the guidance of our design team in sizes from 24 inches to over 100 inches.

Work With Hastings Tile & Bath for Luxury Customizable Bathroom Vanities

The Design Team at Hastings Tile & Bath is thrilled to develop your vanity concept. Our Italian-made vanities offer the clean lines and opulence you want for your contemporary bathroom. Reach out to our team today to discuss your individualized vanity.

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Clarify and Simplify

Lean on our team to cut through the noise, provide design insights centered around your aesthetic vision and lifestyle, and guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Experience Luxury Bathroom Design

Come to our Midtown Manhattan showroom to get hands on with our full line of luxury bathroom products, from vanity collections to high-end materials to the largest VOLA display in the country.