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Vanity Materials That Modernize Your Bathroom


When you want to modernize your bathroom, you need to choose the right materials for your vanity. Capturing that modern, contemporary intrigue starts with the materials you choose. You’ll want to be aware of the benefits of various materials before you buy so you can make an informed decision and get the perfect vanity for your unique aesthetic. Pairing and blending these lead-edge materials enhance and further amplifies your design.

There are two parts to a bathroom vanity — the cabinet and the countertop. Select from a range of modern, high-end materials that will deliver exceptional performance for many years to come.


Cabinets are more than a place to store linens and toiletries — they’re also a way to complement the stylistic intent of your space. Whether you’re selecting a matching set or want to add some variety, be sure to understand the material type and its durability to maximize value and usability. Regardless of style or configuration you’ll want to choose a cabinet material that can withstand the temperature fluctuations and moisture found in the bathroom.

When choosing contemporary types of bathroom vanities, look for the following materials.

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)

You’ll find this waterproof, stain-resistant and versatile material as countertops and drawer paneling. HPL acts as a substitute for natural wood and provides a barrier to the temperature and humidity variations in the bathroom. The result is a vanity with a timeless look that’s sure to last.

High-pressure laminate comes in more than merely wood-look styles — other effects include concrete or stone texturing. Fit your design goals and aspirations and capture a contemporary, clean look.

3D Wood Laminates

Textured laminates give the look and feel of natural wood or cement but never expand or contract with temperature changes or moisture, as natural wood vanities would do. Like HPL, 3D wood laminates offer the look of natural wood and concrete texturing. They’re also easy to clean and come in a wide range of colors and styles.


Lacquer is a painted finish that is available in matte or glossy. Lacquer levels out into a beautifully smooth surface that creates a durable barrier against damage. This material performs well in humid conditions, making it an ideal choice for your bathroom.

Lacquered finishes come in an expansive palette of colors ranging from simple, clean whites to grays to vibrant colors — whether your goal is minimalism or your looking to make a statement in your bathroom. Lacquered cabinets offer endless potential for providing a modern touch in your space.


A close relative to matte lacquer, soft-touch material provides a smooth yet textured feel that leverages the same depth of color, durability, functionality and contemporary ingénue. These colors are also matched to Fenix countertops for that tone-on-tone look.

The soft-touch material’s opaque, matte appearance can help you avoid harsh glares and minimize fingerprints. It’s also resistant to common bathroom threats like heat, scratches and moisture.

Brushed metal

Cool metal-look textures modernize any space with a streamlined, industrial appearance. It, too, is another finish that is both as functional as it is stunning. Brushed metal for cabinet finishes brings depth to your space and showcases a shrewd contemporary look. From warm bronze to cool titanium, brushed metal finishes work well with many modern styles.


Countertops will be exposed to moisture, heat and whatever items you place on top of them, so you’ll want to find materials that hold up well while delivering the sleek, modern look you’re after. Some top tier selections for durable and stylish countertops include porcelain, solid-surface, cement resin, glass and Fenix.


Porcelain combines a stunning appearance with durability to create an attention-grabbing effect, infusing your space with opulence. This material is particularly versatile, with a wide array of patterns and colors available to fit your style.

Stone- and marble-look finishes allow you to achieve your vision without the upkeep and maintenance that natural stone or marble requires. Porcelain is an inert, non-porous material, unlike marble or stone, meaning less hassle yet all the style. It’s a significantly durable material and can resist etching, chipping, cracking and staining, making porcelain countertops an ideal modern choice.


Solid-surface works well as a modern alternative to marble and granite. Sandstone becomes solid-surface material after high heat and pressurization transform it into a durable, sleek bathroom feature.

This countertop material is available in a bevy of textures, finishes and styles. Whether you select a matte, textured or gloss finish, the result will be unmatched durability. This material is non-porous and can resist stains and bacteria for a clean, sanitary countertop.


Glass Vanities


This timeless material infuses any bathroom space with minimalism and lightness. Gloss or frosted glass combines a fresh look with elegance for your bathroom countertops. Glass is available in a variety of colors, from bold to neutral, letting you create anything from a refined palette to a distinct finish.

If you’re looking for a monochromatic vanity design, pairing a glass countertop with a mirroring lacquered cabinet finish delivers a sleek, intriguing design.

While glass in other applications may be fragile, these countertops are an extremely durable option. Glass is heat resistant and non-porous, so stains and hair tools won’t harm it. This surface is also simple to clean.


This durable, matte material offers an innovative addition to your modern bathroom countertop. Fenix undergoes an extensive treatment process to be resistant to scratches and fingerprints. Its clean and opaque appearance comes in a variety of timeless neutrals and eye-catching colors. Like the soft-touch finishes, Fenix material offers a unique, enjoyable texture and plenty of durability.


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