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4 Timeless Luxury Bathroom Ideas

A look into a timeless luxury bathroom layout that includes floating vanity, backlit mirror and open-shelf storage.

Whether you’re actively designing a bathroom or just browsing for inspiration, it’s easy to get stuck in the same old patterns and ideas. You need all of the essentials—a vanity or console, mirror, storage solutions, and bathroom accessories—but what if you could design them all yourself?

You don’t have to start from a blank slate (that can be overwhelming) but if you have a curated collection of design elements that you can personalize based on your aesthetic vision, the process becomes infinitely more simple.


We have compiled a list of timeless luxury bathroom ideas to ignite your creativity and propel your design vision.

1. The Art of Color

Arblu Tuby standing vanity in pink/grey pastel tone

White is a classic bathroom color, that is always ‘on trend’, especially for a minimalist aesthetic. However, the possibilites are inifinite, especially if you leverage an open-ended design system with a diverse color palette; you have the ability to tailor each element, you are empowered to:

  • Enhance the design with a modern splash of color.
  • Go super contemporary with a monochromatic look.
  • Mix and match color blocks in symmetric or asymmetric patterns.
  • Evoke a dramatic and moody feel.
  • Create eye-catching contrast.
  • Craft a calming environment with pastels or neutrals.

Whether you want to start with a white base or get experimental, take a moment to craft a color palette that embodies your design vision and blends with the vibe you’re looking to create.

2. Incorporating Textures and Patterns

Urban Standard Height Vanity with black marble finish

In addition to colors, you can also design with nature-inspired patterns such as wood grain, marble veining, rough stone, metallic tones, and so much more. Tactile textures also add dynamism and character to a luxury bathroom. Without the proper balance of texture, a space can feel flat and lack depth.

Some of the ways to incorporate textures and patterns into your bathroom design include:

  • Choosing a vessel basin with a canvas-like exterior to enhance a rustic-luxe vibe.
  • Opting for a Fenix countertop to enjoy a rich, velvety surface that is resistant to fingerprints.
  • Incorporating a rough-cut oak countertop to evoke a nature-inspired, spa-like atmosphere.
  • Materials that have a marble-like look bring a touch of natural opulence to a luxury bathroom.
  • Thoughtfully incorporating texture in every dimension—floors, walls, and partitions—like patterned tiles or textured wall coverings ties the theme together.

3. Luxury Materials

Urban Standard Height vanity with black marble top

You don’t just want your luxury bathroom to look stunning, you also want it to last for generations—or at least until your next remodel. Invest in furnishings and fixtures that are designed to last. Choosing modern bathroom materials that are engineered to endure delivers on both style and function.

Modern materials use the latest technology to make them resistant to surface damage, bacteria, changes in temperature and humidity, and more. Whether you choose a rich-colored soft-touch finish or a high-pressure laminate with the natural look of wood, stone, or marble, you’re crafting a timeless look when you opt for high-end materials.

4. Minimalist Fixtures

VOLA KV1 faucet

Iconic VOLA designs for taps, showers, tub fillers, towel warmers and accessories provide a minimalist style that coordinates with any decor. The original Arne Jacobsen tap design from 1968 flows through the entire product range with pure forms and uncompromising attention to detail. In fact, this timeless design is held in such high regard in the design world that it’s on permanent display in the MOMA.

An innovative modular system allows you to personalize based on your bathroom design and functional needs. You can mix and match elements to get both the look you desire and the configuration that best supports your lifestyle. Choose from 27 contemporary finishes—including classic metallic finishes, bold colors, and matte tones—to craft a luxury bathroom design that is intrinsically yours.

VOLA’s design approach is defined by a deep focus on durability and longevity, not only with timeless design, but also with a commitment to no planned obsolescence. VOLA fixtures can be repaired or replaced with the same parts, even after decades of use.


We know that designing a luxury bathroom can feel ‘all over the place’. What do you need in a vanity? What color palette best reflects your personality? What’s the best storage configuration for your lifestyle? Our team is here to help you cut through the noise to uncover and refine your vision.

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