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What to Look for When Designing Your Luxury Bathroom



Bathroom design, theme, and layout are subjective, but one area everyone can find middle ground on is that luxury designs elevate your space to another stratosphere. Adding a luxurious ambiance to your room starts with top-tier materials, sophisticated craftsmanship, savvy design and a great deal more. Capturing your aesthetic inspiration and striking that high-end chord throughout the bathroom from the vanity to storage to fixtures and beyond starts with an understanding of the ins and outs of luxury bathroom design.  Let’s explore the best way to bring your vision to life and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

What makes a product luxury? What should you expect from one? How do you make sure the product you’re buying meets your expectations? Keep reading to discover the solutions that fit your needs and how you can choose the ideal products for your bathroom.

Why Purchase Luxury Products?

Every element of a luxury product is infused with value-driven quality and benefits you won’t find in out-of-the-box items. Some of the reasons people turn to luxury products include:

  • Personalization: Capturing your design appeal requires flexibility in design. Selecting luxury designs that leverage individualization fits not only your stylistic goals but also cater to your functional lifestyle needs. This amplifies your space creating an air of exclusivity and design-focused intent. Customizing to your to fit your vision provides the ultimate value because the design is tailored preciesly for you.
  • Long lifespans: These bathroom products are built with superior materials and expert craftsmanship. High-end, renowned designers have decades of experience and knowledge, and they use top-grade materials for their products and leverage savvy insight to conceptualize their designs. With such extensive durability, luxury products are more sustainable than their low-quality alternatives.
  • Timelessness: Since these designs are crafted to age timelessly, luxury items are purpose-built to stay in fashion and on-trend. Although design trends come and go, high-end furniture stands the test of time, with ageless configurations, materials and designs.
  • Enhanced value: When you merge versatility with customization the result is a direct enhancement in how you live and your day-to-day lifestyle; pair that with the longevity of premier materials and the outcome is unsurpassed value.
  • Distinction: Opulent designs and décor differentiate themselves, providing unmistakable visual intrigue in your bathroom. Set your space apart with the help of transformational, modern flair.

Luxury products bring the whole package — form, function, uniqueness, value and beauty. Nearly every part of your bathroom can be designed with luxurious panache, from the vanity and countertop to the tub, mirrors and faucets. These elements will have all of the qualities listed above and can be configured precisely to what your bathroom needs.

What to Look for in Luxury Products

Just because a product has a higher price point doesn’t mean it’s luxury. How do you make sure you’re actually getting a product that will give you a luxurious experience? Fortunately, you can keep an eye out for a few specific factors to help you find high-end bathroom furniture that fits your needs.

1. Design Flexibility and Versatility

First, you’ll need a designer who can bring your vision to life. From colors and layout to materials and finishes, you should be able to trust your designer to customize various aspects of your space. If you don’t see exactly what you want in the showroom or catalog, personalization shouldn’t be a problem, as luxury pieces are built specifically for your needs. These products allow your individuality to shine through with a design tailored to your lifestyle and aesthetic.

2. Configurability

The piece you choose should be very customizable — to fit seamlessly into your bathroom theme. Much of the benefit of investing in a luxury product is that it’s built specifically for a designated space and uniquely for you. These pieces should both maximize your bathroom space and aesthetically speak to the design you need. Whether you’re designing a new ensuite bathroom or updating a small basement bathroom, luxury pieces can adapt to the area’s size and shape.

3. Thought-Provoking Design

When you invest in a luxury product, you should get something that inspires, captivates and excites. Intrigue also comes in the form of minimalism if your goal is understand and refined. Regardless of which end of the spectrum your tastes lean the best luxury bathroom fixtures are both functional and decorative.

4. Rarity

The level of craftsmanship in luxury bathroom products are one-of-a-kind — unparalleled design aesthetics, top-tier materials and designer recognition are just a few of the hard-to-find aspects you can expect from high-end bathroom fixtures.

5. Rich Brand History

Searching for a luxury designer brand requires a look into their design niche, experience perfecting their craft, selection of the right materials, mastering build techniques and working with team members. There are dozens of designer-level brands out there, even ones who specialize in bathrooms, so you’ll want to ensure their background, styling fits your individual intent. Usually, working with a designer who has years of projects under their belt is a smart place to start. They’ll help simplify your discover process and add clarity to your journey.

The design team should be there for you from start to finish providing clarity and solutions that cater to your goals. At Hastings Tile & Bath, for instance, our design strategists are there every step of the way with helpful insights, savvy guidance, design-centric possibilities and quick communication.


Design Your Luxury Bathroom With Hastings Tile & Bath

From modern luxury vanities to sleek and stylish storage solutions, Hastings Tile & Bath can help you elevate your bathroom remodel or build with elegant, long-lasting designs. Since the 1970s, we’ve worked with high-end bath products to become an innovative force in the industry, bringing Italian-crafted bathroom furniture to the United States. Let us help you create a tailored piece uniquely suited to your bathroom, made with an expansive selection of finishes, materials and flexible configurations.

Explore luxury bathroom products in our in-person or virtual showroom, and contact us with any questions!

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