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‘Sink’ into Style with a Luxury Bathroom Sink

Morris basin with Urban vanity

Luxury bathroom sinks not only elevate the aesthetic of the space, but also create a personalized experience. The bathroom sink undeniably serves a functional need, but the right choice can complement the bathroom’s collective theme—or even serve as a stylish centerpiece.

What to Consider When Selecting a Luxury Bathroom Sink

As with any other product you select for your luxury bathroom, there are several characteristics to consider.

Sink Style

The style of sink you choose will depend on the constraints of the space and the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve.

  • Vessel sinks: Sit on top of the countertop but can also be semi-recessed. The aesthetic a vessel sink creates—perched atop a flat surface to add depth and make a statement—is a preference that is on the rise in luxury bathroom design. Whether you go bold with a contrasting material or keep it neutral and understated, a vessel sink is an excellent way to create intrigue in any space.

Vessel sink

  • Integrated sinks: Blend seamlessly and are molded into the countertop to deliver modern minimalism with a broad range of uses. They can stand alone as a floating countertop with open space beneath, or be paired with a vanity or console with symmetrical or asymmetrical layered storage.

Integrated sink

  • Wall-mount sinks: Are great for small spaces. They float on the wall with no enclosed storage below, but the basin can be offset to add additional countertop space on either side. The open space below also helps a smaller space feel more open by revealing more of the floor.

Wall-mount sink

  • Pedestal sinks: Stand alone and have limited counter space; great for small bathrooms or powder rooms. The small footprint takes up little space but still leaves plenty of opportunity for modern design.
  • Consoles: Provide all the functionality you need with open storage below. For example, Tuby offers lower shelf storage with a striking frame and a broad range of colorways.

Sink Shape

The shape of a luxury bathroom sink should be tied to your theme, styling, and overall room dynamics. Modern sinks can be rectangular, oval, or circular, or they can have a unique geometric shape. Dive further into the details by selecting the type of edge detail your looking for with your design: soft radius corners, a sharp angular look, or an irregular edge (for vessels). Depending on the size of the room and the surrounding furnishings, you may want a sink that is small or large, deep or shallow, wide or narrow, or any combination of these.

Sink Materials

Modern sinks are available in a broad range of materials that are durable and easy to maintain:

  • Ceramic sinks: Can be solid color or patterned to look like luxury materials such as marble or metal (gold, silver, copper, or platinum).
  • Glass basins: Can be textured or smooth with varying degrees of opacity, offering a very modern vibe whether they are glossy or frosted.
  • High-pressure laminate: A waterproof, stain-resistant and versatile material that provides a protective barrier from temperature and humidity fluctuations. Can match or complement the vanity with a stone, wood, or concrete look.
  • Fenix: Delivers a silky texture with rich, opaque color and can accommodate vessel-style or integrated countertops.
  • Solid-surface: Made from a stone composite material that allows you to buff out scratches and other blemishes.
  • Porcelain: Can be modernized with a stone or marble look that is exceptionally durable without the upkeep of natural stone.

Sink Color

Don’t limit your creativity to white porcelain. Modern luxury sinks are available in a wide range of colors; from muted neutrals to phosphorescent green to dramatic black. Patterns can also match materials such as wood, stone, marble, and more. Glass sinks offer a unique opportunity for textures and effects that look almost like molten lava.

Molten lava glass sink

Unique Features

Modern modular design options allow you to design a sink with a cover plate that seamlessly blends into the countertop, using the same material to create a drainless look that is perfect for a minimalist aesthetic or for the ultimate in luxury design.

Minimalistic white sink with a drainless look

Tips for Choosing a Luxury Sink Style

When you’re deciding which luxury sink to put in your new bathroom, take these tips into consideration.

Envision Yourself Using It

Think about your daily routine and how you typically interact with your bathroom sink. Do you need one or two sinks? Do you prefer the edge to be smooth and seamless or more defined? Does the depth matter to you? Are you designing for aging in place? All of these factors will play a role in your decision.

Match Your Aesthetic

You definitely want your sink to cohesively align with your broader design direction. For example, a minimalist bathroom might benefit from a matte white solid-surface sink, while a wood-like finish is the perfect complement for a warmer, rustic look.

Be Creative

With the design flexibility to personalize the style, material, finish, and color of your luxury sink, why would you limit yourself to conventional choices? Even if classic white is your preference, you can create modern masterpieces with unique shapes and styles.

Let Hastings Help You Decide

Having so many design possibilities can feel overwhelming. A Hastings design specialist can help you narrow your options to the ones that fit your style and functional needs. Schedule a consultation to discuss your options, or stop by the showroom to experience these luxury materials in person.

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