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Urban LowHeight vanity with open shelf storage

One of the best parts of being in the luxury bathroom industry is providing inspiration to designers and homeowners. We have the privilege of working with world-class designers who come to Hastings for the design flexibility our product lines offer. When their visions are brought to life, you get the benefits of seeing the possibilities that a modular approach brings to luxury bathroom design.

Here are just a few examples of luxury bathroom designs we love.

1. Maximizing Mixing and Matching

This chic bathroom incorporates elements of the Urban standard height collection in an offset arrangement of wall storage that is truly personalized. The combination of horizontal and vertical shelving creates an eye-catching effect while also keeping the most-used items accessible. The HPL cabinet front with Ardesia finish was cleverly chosen to match the adjacent wall and floor below the tub, while the Quercia Grigia finish on the vertical shelving pairs well with the grain of the wood floor. All of these complementary materials work together to create a neutral palette with dynamic texture.

2. Layer It Up

This bathroom features the Urban low height collection with slim cabinets that are stacked and staggered with a low counter to provide additional open storage space. The wood grain finish paired with muted gray evokes a warm, modern aesthetic. A seamless counter and backsplash create continuity and perfectly complement the cabinet materials. Open shelves display decorative items while closed cabinets conceal others, and built-in wall-mounted horizontal open shelves continue the theme.

3. A Study in Monochrome

Designed from the Class collection, the floating vanity in this bathroom features matching cabinet fronts and countertop in matte glass with the frame detail in the corresponding matte lacquered finish to create a modern, semi-tranisitional, monochromatic look. Dual sinks with dedicated backlit mirrors are perfectly symmetrical with the cabinetry separation below.

4. Styling with Class

A totally different take from the Class collection. An asymmertical vanity concept that draws the eye with a dramatic marble-look porcelain; the veining blends masterfully with the plush throw rug and tonal wood slats.  Side-by-side transparent glass storage columns add a level of sophistication and luxe-ingenue to the space keeping an open feel while providing ample space to stash items. Seamless, curved edges on the basin continue the calming effect in this luxury bathroom.

5. Modern Opulence in Muted Gold

This floor-mounted vanity from the Urban freestanding collection was modularly designed to create a grounding effect suited to the floor plan. The metalizzato bronzo cabinet finishes contrasts with the darker coffee tone inner groove finish while simultaneously blending with the rich porcelain wall tile and tall open shelving. Central open shelving offers storage for decorative elements and aligns with the open shelving on the wall. Angled cabinet edges allow easy opening with an elegant architectural detail. Dual sinks with classic VOLA fixtures blend seamlessly with the marble-look countertop and matching backsplash with flashes of gold. The strong presence of the muted gold finish whispers luxury while the subtle glow of backlit mirrors adds to the ambiance.

6. Modern Depth with Duplex

Featuring elements from the Urban duplex collection, the mixed materials in this vanity add a sense of dynamism to the space. The waterfall effect carries the countertop material to the end panel finish of the cabinet, which creates a striking look. Open side shelves provide extra storage without impacting the footprint size, great for a minimalist look, and wall-mounted metal cube shelving plays with depths to catch the eye. The backlit framed mirror matches the vanity and provides extra storage. Rounding out the overall look, VOLA fixtures match the toilet roll holder, hooks, and towel warmer, which has a sleek floating effect.

Craft Your Personalized Luxury Bathroom with Hastings

These are just half a dozen of the countless unique luxury bathrooms that can be created with the design flexibility that Hastings collections provide. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or are approaching it with a blank slate, our team is here to help.

Book a showroom appointment today to see more examples of design flexibility in action.

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