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Bathroom Vanity Storage


Aesthetically and functionally maximizing your luxury bathroom vanity storage is essential for an organized and design-focused bathroom. Instead of leaving personal care items strewn around your vanity’s counter and throughout your bathroom, the right storage features can help you keep every item in its correct place. Whether you’re looking at a wall-mount or floor-mount vanity, you can follow a few pointers to maximize your vanity’s storage capabilities.

Explore your bathroom’s storage possibilities and learn more about the top tips for maximizing vanity storage.

Tips for Maximizing Vanity Storage

When you’re looking for a bathroom vanity and storage is imperative, you can follow a few insights to strategically enhance your space. Some prime tips include configuring with modular design concepts, utilizing your bathrooms footprint to the fullest extent, choosing an extra-long vanity, and using shelving. You also want to leverage add-on storage solutions and consider drawer accessories.

How to maximize your vanity’s storage:

  • Modular design: Design flexibility provides you the building blocks to not only craft a concept that is exclusive and uniquely you but simultaneously affords the ability to interchange cabinet styles/sizing, shelving and accessories to marry visual appeal with function. The result is a design that caters to your lifestyle, fits your individual needs and amplifies your storage.
  • Use design-driven shelving: Another intriguing way to bolster your storage possibilities is to seek a bathroom vanity with decorative shelving. Open shelving is one of the best features of many vanities, as it allows you to easily access various items in your bathroom and gives you the chance to place decorations on them to improve your bathroom’s appeal. Closed shelving can also be a great option if you want certain items hidden away when others use your bathroom.
  • Design planning: When you have space in your bathroom you have the latitude to shrewdly layout and create personalized storage configurations that fit you. By upgrading to a larger vanity, you can capture your storage needs and blend them with your room concept. You can choose from a range of profiles and styles including: side cabinets, opened shelves, and open side shelving. Whether open or closed, these side shelves look great and can give you more space in your bathroom to store your belongings.
  • Drawer accessories: Get the most out of your drawer space by utilizing drawer accessories designed for your vanity. The best drawer accessories will allow you to select one or more attractive dividers made to fit perfectly in your vanity’s drawers. These dividers help you clearly separate various items and ensure your drawers stay organized and tidy. You can also add anti-slip mats to your drawers to keep any personal care products in place whenever you open or close a drawer.
  • Wall storage solutions: The designer who configures your vanity might suggest supplementary storage solutions that meld and coordinate with the design of your space. Wall storage cabinets should harmonize with your vanity design and have the potential to add multi-level dimension to your room. Multi-faceted storage solutions are design flexible, modular and configured to your needs to improve your room and your day-to-day experience.


Wall-Mount Vanity Storage

If you think a wall-mount vanity can’t provide you the storage you need, think again! With design flexibility the possibilities are endless; modular concepts and style converge giving you the tools to fit your functional intent. When you outfit your space with visual appealing and space-saving wall storage solutions your bathrooms potential increases exponentially.

With wall-mount vanities, you can select from various drawers and shelving profiles. Many vanities allow you to choose from single, two drawer or drawer with inner drawer configurations, giving you the ability to make your design functional. If you have larger items you want to store, a wider single-drawer configuration while better fit your use. Meanwhile, a two-drawer configuration may be the optimal style for times when you want to keep smaller items separated.

Wall Mount Vanity Storage Options

Another way you can increase your wall-mount vanity storage is to utilize open or closed storage cabinets for the walls near your vanity. With an open shelf storage cabinet, you can display artfully placed decorations or attractive personal care products. When you’d rather not see the items you want to store, closed storage cabinets are a great choice. Combine and intermix multiple styles in varying heights, widths and depths to design an exclusive storage solution that speaks to your individuality. Complement your wall-mount vanity through modular design.

Another added benefit of wall-mount vanities is the ability to add semi-recessed linear cabinet storage underneath them. You might want to add slim, stylish storage cabinets to give you a place to store toiletries or other devices. If you have children, you can also place step stools underneath the vanity to make it easier for them to reach the sink.

Floor-Mount Vanity Storage

Floor mount vanities refer to vanities that stand on their own and are placed directly on the floor. These vanities give you the greatest storage depth, as you can add drawers and shelving all the way to the floor. Modularly configure different drawer styles and open shelving possibilities to configure your tailored design and meet your storage and aesthetic needs.

You might also want to add an open shelf in between your vanity’s drawers for a compelling, innovative look. This shelf can display decorations or rolled bath towels to accent your bathroom’s overall look. Additionally, you can use an open shelf in your vanity to display items you want to reach quickly or those you know guests will want to use. Open side shelves can also be a great choice for your freestanding vanity, as they provide semi-concealed storage and ease access to your bathroom items without drawing as much focus.

Like wall-mount vanities, you can also add design-focused wall storage solutions near your vanity to maximize your space. Since a floor-mount vanity leaves less open bathroom space, you might want to select smaller storage elements for your bathroom. For example, you could add metal cubes that are stacked or staggered near your vanity. These cubes are smaller and act as visual accents that still give you lots of storage options.

Explore Customizable Vanities From Hastings Tile & Bath

At Hastings Tile & Bath, we know how important storage is to your encompassing bathroom design. We offer dynamic open and closed storage solutions to complement your vanity, such as our urban wall storage solutions. We tailor vanities hallmarked by design flexibility with a breadth of drawers profiles, dimensions, configurations and storage features so you can find the perfect vanity for your needs. Our Italian-designed vanities come in customizable sizes and designs, giving you the ability to realize your vision.

Explore our selection of vanities today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Design Specialists today.


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