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7 Qualities Homeowners Should Look for in Their Bathroom Designer

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Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, working with a bathroom designer is highly recommended if you want high-end results. Even if you’re working with an architect, supplementing their work with an interior designer who specializes in bathrooms is a good idea.

Interior decorators who specialize in bathroom design know how to tie in an aesthetic vision and overcome challenges with creative design solutions while creating a personalized space that delivers on both your functional and stylistic preferences.

What to Look for in a Bathroom Designer

Choosing a designer can feel overwhelming. Ask friends for referrals, do some research on your own, and look for these seven qualities:

1. Experience

A seasoned bathroom designer will be familiar with the design techniques and technical aspects of bringing your vision to life. They will know what questions to ask to ensure that your needs are met, including the needs you didn’t even know you had. They will also be familiar with modern bathroom products and design solutions to bring you cutting-edge designs that fit your goals.

2. Listening

Your designer’s primary focus should be truly getting to know you and your design preferences, must-haves, and dislikes to ideate solutions that speak to your uniqueness and individuality. This focus should be present from your first discussion to the last details. Your designer should also be flexible to adapt and uncover innovative solutions that propel your ideas forward while balancing lifestyle needs and functional necessities.

3. Certification

Most states have licensure requirements for professional designers and allow you to confirm that an individual is in good standing. Look for National Kitchen and Bath Association Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers membership in relevant associations, such as:

  • American Society of Interior Designers
  • Interior Design Society
  • Interior Design Continuing Education Council
  • International Interior Designers Association
  • Professional Remodeling Organization

Membership and certification with relevant industry associations demonstrate that the designer is committed to staying current and well-versed in industry standards. Other credentials to look for include completion of an Interior Design degree with a specialization in bathroom design.

4. Portfolio

Explore a potential designer’s portfolio to get an idea of the results they deliver. Does their body of work blend with your design vision and appeal? Look for compelling solutions that are tailored to match each owner’s needs, not cookie-cutter solutions. Catering designs and concepts to enhance your lifestyle while marrying visual appeal is a cornerstone of luxury bathroom design.

5. Aesthetic Alignment

No matter what aesthetic you’re aiming for, you want to work with a professional who is comfortable with designing in that style. This is another element to look for when comparing various portfolios. Do you like the designs that are being presented? Can you see yourself in those spaces? Aesthetic alignment is also important for product specification. If a designer is used to creating a modern aesthetic, they will know which elements, features and products align best with that style.

6. Vendor Relationships

Look for a bathroom designer who has established relationships with high-quality partners. See what types of products they offer and whether they align with your design vision.

7. Showroom Access

Sometimes visualizing a design on paper can be challenging. Working with a designer who has relationships with local decorative bath showrooms allows you to truly get a sense of the quality of the products they are specifying. Feel the textures of the materials, picture your items in the storage solutions, and interact with the fixtures to truly get a sense of what it would be like to have each product in your space.


How to Work with Hastings

If you’re a homeowner with a high-end bathroom design project, Hastings is here to help in multiple ways. Come into our showroom to explore products and get inspiration. If you already have a relationship with a bathroom designer, we’d love to meet them to answer questions and share product details and specifications. Whether you’re a homeowner or designer, our team can help provide direction, guidance, and insights. Come into our showroom to explore luxury bathroom ideas and get inspiration for your project.

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