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VOLA. For Life.

VOLA Round Series 2019 RS10 090FM 4321 C70

Since 1968, VOLA has been known for timeless Danish design and thoughtfully crafted kitchen and bathroom fixtures. You know the iconic tap design, but do you know what makes VOLA truly special? 

This time-honored classic is about so much more than design excellence. It’s about building on an architectural legacy, embracing Danish design principles, and crafting products for luxury and longevity. When you choose luxury bathroom fixtures, choose VOLA. For life. 

Architectural Legacy: Making Life Better

The modern tap was conceived by world-renowned architect Arne Jacobsen and VOLA founder Verner Overgaard in 1968, and every element of the design—both visible and hidden—has withstood the test of time. The world has changed, but VOLA’s timeless design has lasted generations and will endure for many more.

The revolutionary concept leaves only the aesthetic elements visible to the user—handles, spout, and flange. It is modern minimalism embodied and continues to be emulated to this day. The aesthetic of the original VOLA design has never changed, but the inner workings have been optimized to enhance longevity. Since 1968, VOLA has come through on the commitment to making life better. 

Danish Design Principles

At the heart of every VOLA design is the Danish design legacy, which has the human experience—both individual and societal—at its core. There’s a reason Danish design resonates throughout the world. Pure forms, thoughtful materials, expert craftsmanship, and durability are universal concepts.

Rooted in a tradition of passing down design classics from generation to generation, Danish design starts with a timeless aesthetic but doesn’t end there. Crafting a sensory experience that supports an enjoyable lifestyle that balances aesthetics, functionality, and longevity is an essential Danish design principle that VOLA embodies in every product

Living Life the Danish Way

Meaning and purpose are integral to the Danish way of life, which is the driving force behind VOLA’s design philosophy. Living with an inherent commitment to thoughtful action and intentionality means designing products the same way. For VOLA, this means removing excess, promoting simplicity, and paying great attention to quality. With this as a basis, you are free to pursue contentment in your daily activities, whether it’s moving through your morning routine or doing the dishes after dinner.

Enduring Design

VOLA goes beyond minimalist design by prioritizing durability and longevity. Timeless designs are supported by modern engineering and a mindful modular system that provides ultimate flexibility through infinite possibilities. Adhering to enduring designs and eschewing obsolescence allows VOLA to provide parts for every product, even those manufactured in 1968.

When you choose VOLA, you get a product designed to endure—one that can be maintained and repaired for generations. In the Danish way of simplicity, new products are only released when there is a genuine need, not when trends arise. This minimizes waste and ensures the ability to support products indefinitely.

Hastings: Your VOLA Connection

As the exclusive importer and distributor of VOLA products in the United States and Canada, Hastings offers the full collection of Vola luxury kitchen and bath fixtures that can be personalized for your space. From taps and showerheads to towel warmers and tub fillers, you can leverage the modular system and 27 contemporary finishes to craft the design that meets your lifestyle and aesthetic goals. 

Get design inspiration in our lookbook and check out our VOLA resources, including a catalog, case studies, and blog articles. If you’re planning your next project, schedule a consultation with a design specialist to get fresh ideas, learn more about VOLA, and personalize your luxury bathroom fixtures and accessories.

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