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Product Feature—The Pedestal Sink

Urban PB 2

When designing a powder room or a small bathroom, space is at a premium. If fitting a vanity isn't in the cards, opting for a pedestal sink or console sink can help you maximize space—and you can do it without compromising on style.


When to Choose a Console or Pedestal Sink

Whether you’re working with a small bathroom or an odd footprint, limited floor space requires a compact solution. Consoles and pedestal sinks take up little room—in terms of both width and depth—while providing the function you need. If you want to keep the space light and airy, a console sink with open shelving keeps it from feeling too heavy—and you also get the benefit of handy storage.

It can also be an aesthetic choice. Perhaps you want the minimalist look of a monolithic pedestal or a low-profile console that exudes elegance without taking up too much valuable space.


Modern Consoles and Pedestal Sink Collections

In addition to larger floating and floor-mounted vanities, Hastings offers small in scale but high on style solutions for powder rooms and small bathrooms.

Urban Pedestals

Urban Pedestal Sink

Available in three distinctive finishes, Urban pedestals cut a dashing figure with their sleek lines and mitered basin edges. Matte black or white Corian is the perfect complement to a minimalist modern bathroom. For a warmer, more natural look, opt for a marble-look HPL finish that is as durable as it is stunning. You can also achieve a marbleized aesthetic in porcelain along with stone-look finishes that have a pleasing texture, eye-catching striations, and exceptional durability.

Allegro Consoles

Allegro Console

The Allegro console brings refined architectural details with subtle accents and contrasting textures, which is one reason that Architectural Record chose it as the product of the year in 2021. The smooth basin and countertop transitions to a bush-hammered textured finish on the exterior, giving it an exclusive look that whispers luxury.

The matte black frame is sure to make a statement with its accented brass feet that provide the perfect accompaniment to the optional towel bar that shares the same brass finish. A bottom shelf that mirrors the basin finish provides extra storage space and negative space that highlights the black frame. This solid-surface console sink is available in 44 diverse tones to round out a modern color palette.

Solid-Surface Pedestal Sinks

Available in two striking matte white shapes, the Monolith and Tower solid-surface pedestal sinks are stunning in their simplicity. The square Monolith 2 fits perfectly in a small space that highlights sharp lines and finely detailed edges. The circular Tower versions have a petite footprint with a big visual impact. If you prefer a wall-mount faucet, the Tower 2 is as minimalist as it gets, while the Tower 3 has a deck-mounted faucet that provides enough space for a soap dispenser. All three versions feature a matte white drain cover for a seamless look.

If you’re seeking a pedestal sink with more flair, the Axo’s teardrop shape has mesmerizing lines with a contemporary profile, the Gate balances a monolithic profile with subtle asymmetry on the countertop, and the Surf features elegant vertical angles Optional towel hooks and bars are available in 20 matte tones to add a splash of color.

Tuby Consoles

Tuby Console

If your aesthetic preference leans more toward the whimsical, the Tuby collection offers consoles with character. The matte black frame provides an eye-catching outline for the sleek profile and dynamic nuance, while a vibrant collection of colors allows you to express your personality with deep blue, pastel pink, rich burgundy, and much more.

The integrated sliding shelf provides extra surface area in a smaller bathroom without sacrificing sink space. The lower shelf, tone-on-tone drain, and optional towel bar contribute to the space-saving efficiency of this gem of a console.

Poli Consoles

Poli Console

If you're looking for ultimate functionality meet Poli, a ceramic basin console that typifies Italian design and craftsmanship. It’s a stylish and lifestyle-driven solution that comes in a pedestal or console version with a wide range of finishes and modular accessories, making it a statement piece that adds a unique flair to any space.

Find Your Wow with Hastings

Whether you’re starting with a blank slate or have a specific design in mind, our design specialists are here to help you find the ideal solution. We’ll work with you to identify the must-have features that support your lifestyle and the collection that best matches your aesthetic vision. Schedule a design consultation today to get started.

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