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Open metal cubes with closed wall storage in bathroom

Semi-concealed storage

Depending on your vantage point, the shelf may or may not be visible. This clever semi-concealed storage capability makes a striking design statement while maximizing functionality.

You have the option to place items within or on top of cubes and combine with other open or closed storage solutions to get the ideal mix for your lifestyle.

metal cubes above vanity for bathroom storage

Contemporary Matte Metal Finishes

Selected to coordinate with all of the finish options in the Urban collection, these five matte metal finishes whisper modern chic.

Choose copper to bring out the veins in a marble-look countertop, make a bold statement with black, or support a minimalist aesthetic with classic white.


White metal cubes in bathroom with products on shelf

Incorporate Creative Layering

Is your bathroom design feeling a little flat? Intermix different sizes and depths to create dynamic dimension that amplifies visual appeal.

Whether you pair triple-height cubes with inverse depths, combine cubes with closed cabinets, or sprinkle single cubes in a geometric pattern, you have limitless design potential.

Propel inspiration and potential into dynamic, personalized design

Reshape Your Expectations

Designed to Fit

Designed to Scale

Designed to WOW

Designed for You

White metal cubes to the right of modern bathroom vanity

Designed to Fit

Conform to the Layout

Modular design allows you to customize your storage solutions to fit any room layout, whether it's an odd shape or a tiny space, or it has limited wall space, immovable structural elements, or other obstacles.

Adapt to your Needs

Searching for the perfect luxury bathroom storage solution can be time-consuming and frustrating. With Hastings, you can customize every element to fit, so you never have to settle.

interior look at metal shelves holding bathroom products

Designed to Scale

Versatile Combinations

Make your configuration of Urban Metal Cubes as complex or as simple as you like. Combine different sizes or depths, stagger, stack, or cluster. The possibilities are truly endless.

Intermix Storage Elements

Dynamically pair Urban Metal Cubes with other storage solutions from the Urban collection to build a design-centric and functional storage solution. Mix open and closed, play with shapes ... get creative! 

Urban metal cubes mounted on the wall above Urban bathroom vanity

Designed to WOW

Create Visual Impact

Crisp detailing and slim edges create striking color blocks from one angle and elegant cube-shaped shelves from another.

Be Design-Forward

Think beyond boxy storage solutions and add a touch of modern luxury with innovative Italian-crafted open bathroom storage shelving.

Urban Metal Cubes above bathroom countertop

Designed for You

Bring Your Dream to Life

Craft the configuration and colors that suit your design theme and align with other Urban collection elements, including closed and open bathroom storage solutions.

Get an Exclusive Design

When you customize with Urban Metal Cubes, you're creating a one-of-a-kind look designed specifically for your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Finishes & Colors

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Metallizzato Creta

Metallizzato Creta


Metallizzato Copper

Metallizzato Copper


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Start Your Design Journey

Creating your design starts with you, intrinsically you. This is our cornerstone. We delve into your vision and project goals to gather insights that uncover your wow.

Whether you're an experienced designer or a homeowner bringing your dream space to life, our design specialists help you cut through the noise with end-to-end guidance and know-how.


We start with a discovery process, immersing ourselves in your design vision to understand your lifestyle needs, must-haves, and any challenges or obstacles we need to plan around. Tell us who you are.


Together, we brainstorm the possibilities for your personalized storage solutions. Bold colors, muted tones, open and concealed options ... the sky's the limit!


Based on our brainstorm, we create renderings of storage concepts so you can imagine how the design fits in the space. This is where we get down to it, further honing the design with your feedback.


Our team handles all the nuts and bolts, from ideation to shop drawings, to create a design experience that is straightforward and enjoyable. Relax—we've got your back!

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Find Inspiration, Meet Goals, and Reimagine Design

Whether you have a clear vision or don't know where to start, our design strategists are here to provide guidance and insight.

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From Urban Metal Cubes to closed cabinets to freestanding storage solutions, you can experience all of our collections in our Manhattan showroom.