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Product Feature—VOLA Black Mold Prevention


Good design can transform a space, but it’s about much more than just aesthetics. Keeping occupants safe is one of the underlying objectives of design. When it comes to bathroom design, putting measures in place for black mold prevention will help protect the health of both occupants and the structural integrity of the building itself.

What is Black Mold?

Black mold, the name commonly used for Stachybotrys chartarum, is a type of toxic fungus commonly found in homes and other buildings. Typically appearing as black or green, this type of mold grows in environments that have constant moisture. This includes both easy-to-clean and hidden bathroom areas.

Why Black Mold Prevention is Important

Aside from it being unsightly, there are several reasons to prevent the growth of black mold from happening in a home.

Occupant Health

The presence of black mold in a building harms the health of its occupants, which is why prevention is imperative for maintaining a hygienic environment. Potential health effects related to black mold exposure include respiratory issues, skin irritation, congestion, and infection. Some people are more sensitive to black mold, and those with compromised immune systems may experience more serious health effects.

Building Safety

In addition to being a potential health hazard, black mold impacts the integrity of building materials. If left untreated, the presence of black mold can degrade drywall, insulation, and even structural elements.

Expensive Remediation

The cost to remove black mold is extreme, and it increases when materials have to be replaced or entire areas have to be rebuilt because of damage that can’t be repaired.

How Does Black Mold Get in a Bathroom?

Black mold can be caused by a variety of sources, including leaky windows, damaged roofs, or unventilated crawl spaces. Another often-ignored potential source of black mold is the shower. Most showers have a large plate surrounding the controls, and behind that plate is a slightly smaller hole in the wall. If that plate becomes loose over time or is not sealed correctly at the time of installation, water will seep behind it. The sitting water in the wall cavity can cause black mold to develop. Other fittings such as tub spouts, body sprayers, and hand showers are prone to having the same problem.

Black Mold Prevention in a Luxury Bathroom

Danish design company VOLA innovates not only on aesthetics, but also on performance. Every in-wall fitting has a built-in waterproof service tube and the installation process includes a waterproofing membrane that allows for a perfect watertight seal at every point inside the wall. This built-in waterproofing tube ensures that if a leak occurs in the in-wall cartridge or fittings, the water will move forward into the shower instead of behind the wall.

Tubs present a similar potential for leaks and black mold growth, especially when the subdeck material is raw plywood. When a hand sprayer is incorporated into the tub fittings, there is a potential for water to accumulate in the hose surround and drip down under the tub deck. VOLA’s BK Series tub set has a built-in water collection box that is plumbed into the tub drain system so that any water from the hose will drain out and prevent the opportunity for black mold to develop. If a leak does occur, the water is captured in the box and sent to the drain so it can’t flood or cause water damage to rooms below.

Design for Health and Style with Hastings

When you choose products from Hastings, you can be confident that our carefully curated collections were chosen not only because they’re stunning, but also because they deliver on functionality. From elegant textures that provide a stylish non-slip surface to design that prevents black mold from the start, we consider every detail.

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